NCE12: St. Lawrence Market [2011, 2009 Champions]

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St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Association

Toronto Foundation for Student Success


Front St. & Church St. (in front of Berczy Park)


This historic neighbourhood's site is always a blast!

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St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Association fundraising for the D.A.S. Nutrition Program at the Market Lane School, provided by the Toronto Foundation for Student Success

St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Association

St. Lawrence Neighbourhood Association

The SLNA has served Toronto's St. Lawrence neighbourhood and its 25,000 residents since 1982. The SLNA is an advocate for responsible development and promotes public and pedestrian safety, organises events and celebrations, and champions our neighbourhood's interests with all levels of government. The St. Lawrence neighbourhood of Toronto, Ontario, Canada although still part of downtown Toronto, was the actual downtown centre and city hall location during the late 18th and entire 19th century. The ten blocks at the heart of this neighbourhood were the original Town of York laid out in 1793 by Governor Simcoe. With the extension of the town to the west, this area became known as the Old Town.

The area is bounded by Yonge, Front, and Parliament Streets, and the Canadian National railway embankment. The Esplanade off Yonge St., lined with restaurants, cafés and hotels runs through the middle of the area. In previous times, the area was sometimes referred to as 'St. Lawrence Ward' or more often today as 'St. Lawrence Market', synonymous with the large retail vendor market which is the neighbourhood's focal point. Saint Lawrence (shortened to St. Lawrence) was so named after the patron saint of Canada.

The area was the site of Toronto's earliest non-military European settlements. The first parliament buildings in Upper Canada in 1793 were constructed on the southwest corner of Parliament and Front Street. The buildings have long since gone from the site, but a discovery in 2000 when a quick dig of the property revealed the old parliament building footings, in addition to some pottery from that time. The city and the province now own most of the property, although there is no current preservation or memorial located there.

A Saturday farmers' market began operation in St. Lawrence in 1803.

The Toronto Foundation for Student Success

Toronto Foundation for Student Success

The nutrition program at the Market Lane Public School currently operates every weekday and feeds over 500 students at Market Lane and Downtown Alternative School for breakfast, snack and lunch to ensure that children are well nourished before taking on their school day.

The menus are supported by Toronto Public Health to ensure the meals prepared meet the Canada's Food Guide to Healthy Eating. The program is administered through Toronto Foundation for Student Success, the arms length charitable foundation of the Toronto District School Board with financial support from both provincial and municipal government.

However, grants only cover a small portion of the much needed financial dollars to buy fresh and healthy food. Parental support along with of our corporate partners helps us to meet the needs of our nutriton needs of our children so they are ready to learn.


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