NCE12: St. Lawrence Market [2011, 2009 Champions]

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Front St. & Church St. (in front of Berczy Park)


This historic neighbourhood's site is always a blast!

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Neighbourhood Champions

Jim Stewart (Half Marathon)

Jim Stewart

For several years Jim participated as a volunteer at the St. Lawrence Market Neighbourhood cheering section for the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon. In 2015 he decided that it was his time to be on the 'other side' and ran his first half-marathon, a major accomplishment for a recreational runner. This will be Jim's third half-marathon.

Running for Jami/Corpus is an honour for Jim as their contribution to the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood is outstanding!

Please put a pledge on Jim, TODAY, for Jamii/Corpus!


Monique Guffens (Half Marathon)

Monique Guffens

Originally from Holland, Mo lived in New Zealand, Australia & Spain before coming to Toronto. She has worked and made her home in the neighborhood for over 6 years. Mo is also the new proud owner of Real Mo-Mo’s, a European Bistro in the neighbourhood, located on Colborne Street. Real Mo-Mo's will have special promotions during the marathon week in October 20161! This will be her 5th time running for JAMII and the St. Lawrence Market! She is so happy to run for JAMII, which is a great asset for this great part of Toronto.

Please put a pledge on Monique, TODAY, for Jamii/Corpus!


Hagy Afeworki (Full Marathon)

Hagy Afeworki

My name is Hagy Afeworki, with a passion for running and supporting a good cause. Nine years ago a stranger who eventually became a good friend of mine approached me while I was running; he asked me if I was training for a marathon and said yes I am and then he asked me if I want to run to raise money for disadvantaged youth in St. Lawrence Neighbourhood. I agreed without hesitation and accepted the challenge. It has been 9 years since I have supported this noble cause and thanks to you I was able to meet my challenge every year.

Jamii and Corpus have been helping the youth in our community by engaging them in Art, Music and Entertainment. I am supporting this noble cause by raising money. But I can only do this with your unwavering support that you have given me every year. Thanks to you in the past I have been very successful in the raising funds, and as usual I look forward to your continual support.

Please put a pledge on Hagy, TODAY, for Jamii/Corpus!


Emily Poirier (Half Marathon)

Emily Poirier

Emily is a dancer, yogi, runner and lover of movement! She has been a performer with CORPUS since 2009 and has had the opportunity to perform their work across North America, Asia and Europe. With the support of the Esplanadians, Emily crossed the finish line of her first full marathon last year and is excited to now run her 3rd half marathon of 2016 in support of this engaging community! Emily is inspired by the ongoing Jamii/CORPUS projects, and their potential to offer such incredible, accessible resources for diverse community arts engagement. If you have any doubt whether or not to donate to this amazing group, she invites you to check out their website…even better, take a walk (or run!) down the Esplanade, and you too will feel the indescribable energy of a community who makes Toronto shine a little brighter. Thank you for your donation! :)

Please put a pledge on Emily, TODAY, for Jamii/Corpus!


Solomon Muyoboke (5k)

Solomon Muyoboke

Solomon has lived in The Esplanade since his elementary school days. Running, playing basketball and riding his bike were among the many activities he liked to do with his friends. He remembers many street festivals and community activities growing up and aspires to ensure the next generations of Esplanadian youth experience the same type of engaging activities. Solomon feels grateful that his community produces community-arts projects led by Jamii and is proud to be able to be a neighbourhood champion to support such an amazing organization. Solomon will run the 5km marathon and then run to The Esplanade to partake in a 1km Family Fun Run with local youth.


Linda Leistner (Half Marathon)

Linda Leistner

I think that Jamii is an absolutely amazing neighbourhood initiative. I am delighted to be able to run in this years Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon as one of Jamii's neighbourhood champions. Even for someone who is a seasoned "jogger", the 13 miles (21.097494 km) for the 1/2 marathon is still a daunting task. The idea of getting up extra early in the morning to "up" my mileage is almost as big a challenge as the race :) . But, I do know that I will feel great when it is all over. Not just because I will have completed the race, but because I would have run for a great cause.

Please put a pledge on Linda, TODAY, for Jamii/Corpus!


Julien Lui (5k)

Julien Lui

My name is Julien and I come from France. I visited Toronto for the first time this year and after several days JAMII propose to me to participate at its projects, it was new for me and I liked so much what we did during this period. I discovered the Esplanade neighborhood and I really appreciate people in this community, therefore I came back again and while I'm here I will run 5k marathon and 1k Family Fun Run for Jamii wearing my stork costume with objective to run full marathon next year.

Please put a pledge on Julien, TODAY, for Jamii/Corpus!


Neighbourhood Charity & Sponsoring Group:


Jamii's mandate is to enhance the vitality of The Esplanade neighbourhood through the production of community-arts projects that encourage Esplanadians to unleash their creativity, take ownership of their public space and connect with their neighbours. CORPUS is a Toronto-based dance/theatre company that tours the world.

Jamii and CORPUS are joining forces to co-produce unique arts events for The Esplanade community which allows neighbours and professional artists to co-create various types of projects and events for our entire community to enjoy. All funds raised by Neighbourhood Champions will contribute to these community-arts endeavours, thus offering Esplanadians of all ages more access to arts.

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