NCE12: St. Lawrence Market [2011, 2009 Champions]

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Front St. & Church St. (in front of Berczy Park)


This historic neighbourhood's site is always a blast!

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Neighbourhood Champion: Emily Poirier

Emily Poirier

Emily is a dancer, choreographer, yogi, runner and lover of movement! She has been a performer with CORPUS since 2009 and has had the incredible opportunity of performing their work across North America, Asia and Europe. A student in Dance/Movement Therapy, Emily believes in the incredible capability of movement to explore thoughts, emotions and memories, and as a resource for physical and emotional healing. Her studies have brought her closer to her dream of creating a dance program in Toronto for children with varying cognitive/developmental needs. This is Emily's first marathon after starting to run avidly 3 years ago. She is inspired by the Esplanadians and the incredible community arts projects that they continue to create! Emily is so excited about the mobile-theatre project and it's potential to offer such an incredible, accessible resource for community arts engagement. Thank you for your donation! :)

Please put a pledge on Emily, TODAY, for Jamii/Corpus!


Neighbourhood Champion: Hagy Afeworki

Hagy Afeworki

My name is Hagy Afeworki and my passion is running, I am also of the opinion that all young people should be active in some type of physical activity and get involved into art which allows them to express themselves and make them productive member of our city. The St. Lawrence Market Neighbourhood group with the help of Jamii are trying to help the young people in our community be active through Art.
This is my 7th year participating in the Scotia Bank Toronto Marathon and thanks to you in the past I have been very successful in the raising fund and as usual I look forward for your continual support.

Please put a pledge on Hagy, TODAY, for Jamii/Corpus!


Neighbourhood Champion: Kerryn Graham

Kerryn Graham

Kerryn is excited and looking forward to participating in her debut half marathon. Her summer of rigorous preparation has included Frisbee-golf, running along the beaches boardwalk and ping-pong tournaments. Kerryn would like to thank her training partners for continuously pushing her (buttons) and the St. Lawrence Community for proving a safe and welcoming space to train and live.

Please put a pledge on Kerryn, TODAY, for Jamii/Corpus!


Neighbourhood Champion: Monique Guffens

Monique Guffens

Originally from Holland, Monique has lived in New Zealand and Australia before coming to Toronto. She has worked and made her home in the neighbourhood for over 5 years. Monique has taken the summer off to travel in Europe where she has also kept up her training. This will be her fourth full marathon and she can't wait to run for JAMII and support free access to community-engaged art projects for the entire neighbourhood.

Please put a pledge on Monique, TODAY, for Jamii/Corpus!


Neighbourhood Champion: Jim Stewart

Jim Stewart

For the past few years Jim has participated as a volunteer at the St. Lawrence Market Neighbourhood cheering section for the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon and decided that this is his chance to be on the 'other side'. This will be Jim's first half-marathon. Jim has been running off and on for the past couple of years but was inspired to get serious about running after doing a charity 10K run in the spring.

Running for Jami/Corpus is an honour for Jim as their contribution to the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood is exceptional!

Please put a pledge on Jim, TODAY, for Jamii/Corpus!


Neighbourhood Champion: Linda Leistner

Linda Leistner

I think that Jamii is an absolutely amazing neighbourhood initiative. I am delighted to be able to run in this years Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon as one of Jamii's neighbourhood champions. Even for someone who is a seasoned "jogger", the 13 miles (21.097494 km) for the 1/2 marathon is still a daunting task. The idea of getting up extra early in the morning to "up" my mileage is almost as big a challenge as the race :) . But, I do know that I will feel great when it is all over. Not just because I will have completed the race, but because I would have run for a great cause.

Please put a pledge on Linda, TODAY, for Jamii/Corpus!


Neighbourhood Champion: Ian Scott

Ian Scott

I am a returning runner and love to see the wonderful spectrum of people that come out to run.


Neighbourhood Charity & Sponsoring Group:


Jamii's mandate is to enhance the vitality of The Esplanade neighbourhood. We produce community-arts projects that encourage Esplanadians to unleash their creativity, take ownership of their public space and connect with their neighbours. CORPUS is a Toronto-based dance/theatre company that tours the world.

Jamii and CORPUS are joining forces to co-produce unique arts events for The Esplanade community. Our new project is the creation of an outdoor mobile-theatre located on The Esplanade. All funds raised by Neighbourhood Champions will contribute to this endeavour, thus offering Esplanadians of all ages more access to arts.

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