NCE2: Alexandra Park

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Bathurst St. & Dundas


SKETCH and the Indie88 Street Team will be co-hosting the Entertainment Station at Alexandra Park and we hope you will join us!

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Neighbourhood Champion: Rachael Mirvish

Rachael Mirvish

Physical activity has always been my stress relief and my "me" time. I come from a cycling background and only started running 3 years ago after the birth of my first child. It was a quick and easy way to maintain my fitness and sanity. I've recently joined up with a running club and have found it a great way to meet new people and find new hidden running areas in the city.

Please put a pledge on Rachael, TODAY, for SKETCH!


Neighbourhood Champion: Virginia Lee

Virginia Lee

Virginia Lee first became intrigued by running when she watched her sister participate in a 10km race. Years later, Virginia began running for fitness, upon a recommendation by her colleague, she ran her first 10km race, then two half marathons (3 weeks apart), then she decided to try the marathon, liked it so much, ran another marathon three weeks after her first. Virginia's favourite aspect of marathoning is the brutal training (although medals are always nice) the long distances and time required to physically & mentally build tenacity appeals to her belief in strong work ethics and goal orientation. Virginia is pursuing a long term goal of 50 by 50 (50 marathons completed by age 50), at STWM 2014 she will be completing her 15th edition of this marathon and her 33rd marathon overall.

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Neighbourhood Charity & Sponsoring Group:


SKETCH is in the final stages of building a 7,500-square-foot creative-enterprise-hub for youth living homeless or on the margins — and we need your help to bring the build past the finish line.

Every dollar you raise will help us achieve our goal of $50,000 and open our doors to more than 800 youth annually who come to SKETCH to build their artistic skills and leadership capacity through the arts: visual arts, digital design, pottery, culinary arts, woodworking and more!

What is SKETCH? SKETCH creates opportunities for young people living homeless or on the margins to: experience the transformative power of the arts; build leadership and self-sufficiency in the arts; and cultivate social and environmental change through the arts. Participating in the arts elevates a sense of self, strengthens resilience and invigorates the desire and capacity to learn. The arts are accessible, help to break down barriers and reduce isolation.


NCE2 Sponsors:

No Frills Metro Foot Locker Saul's Beauty Shop Elmwood Spa Fiesta Farms Costo Wholesale INDIE88 Starbucks Coffee


Entertainment features 2014:


SKETCH and the Indie88 Street Team will be co-hosting the Entertainment Station at Alexandra Park (Bathurst and Dundas) and we hope you will join us!

The SKETCH Band, a revolving door of curious and talented multi-instrumentalists, is excited to pump up runners with their dynamic sound on race day! The band enjoys mixing genres of all kinds to create original and danceable pop music.

We invite you to participate in a community mural and groove with the band by jumping in on some simple and fun choreographed dance moves that we will be leading!

join the dance

There are fun prizes to be won at the SKETCH station as well as free coffee and treats to be enjoyed courtesy of our generous sponsors: Peter's No Frills, Metro, Foot Locker, Saul's Beauty Shop, Elmwood Spa, Fiesta Farms, Costco and Indie88.




NCE2 is supported by Councillor Mike Layton (Ward 19)

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