NCE3: Liberty Village / King West

NCE 3 location


Lakeshore Blvd. & Princes' Gates, at 9k & 17k


Brazilian Samba dancers and drummers keep walkers and runners energized!

Cheer runners from:

8:00am sharp!


Neighbourhood Champions

Support a 14 Division Officer by clicking on their individual fundraising links below OR make a donation to the team!

Andrew Clarke (Full Marathon)

Andrew Clarke

I have been an officer with the Toronto Police Service for 6 years. This is not just my first marathon, but my first race. Looking forward to finishing.

Please put a pledge on Andrew TODAY for West Neighbourhood House!


Antonio Saffioti (Half Marathon)

Antonio Saffioti

This will be my first marathon (half) and I look forward to completing it.

Please put a pledge on Antonio TODAY for West Neighbourhood House!


Balasz Zanati (Full Marathon)

Balasz Zanati

This is going to be my first full marathon. I run the half and 10 miles before but this is a whole different challenge for me. I am really excited to push myself to the limit and complete the full marathon.

Please put a pledge on Balasz TODAY for West Neighbourhood House!


Chris Meuleman (Full Marathon)

Chris Meuleman

I am part of the 14 Division Community Response Unit of the Toronto Police Service. This will be my first full marathon, although I have also completed 2 full Ironmans in the last two years, so I am really looking forward to the challenge of racing and supporting West Neighbourhood House.

Please put a pledge on Chris TODAY for West Neighbourhood House!


David Wiltshire (Full Marathon)

David Wiltshire

I have run 22 marathons since 2010, including 4 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathons (two as a pace bunny), 3 Bostons, 2 Chicagos, London & New York. I am also an avid cyclist & footy fan of West Ham United.

I have been a Police Officer since 2012 and have worked closely with West Neighbourhood House in the both the Primary Response and Community Repose units.

Please put a pledge on David TODAY for West Neighbourhood House!


Ken Perino (Full Marathon)

Ken Perino

I’m 31 years old and I have come to realize that I am definitely not getting any younger. I run because I can’t sit still. I have difficulty staying in one place for any given period of time and movement is the perfect outlet to this effect. I love the challenge of a marathon as the preparation combines the time management and self-discipline required of any successful endeavour, while the race itself tests your limits and merit. Running has been my stress reliever through the perils and pitfalls of shift work, through the challenges and requirements of a Master’s Degree, and as a release/meditation/appreciation at the end of a stressful day or at the beginning of a new one. To put this in the simplest terms, I run because I love it.

Please put a pledge on Ken TODAY for West Neighbourhood House!


Kristal McCullough (Full Marathon)

Kristal McCullough

This will be my second time running the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon. The first time, I sustained an injury while training which seriously impacted my training and led to a time that was not happy with. I want to run this marathon again and hopefully finish with a much better time.

Please put a pledge on Kristal TODAY for West Neighbourhood House!


Philip De Lima (Full Marathon)

Philip De Lima

This will be my first full marathon. Looking forward to running for such a good cause.

Please put a pledge on Philip TODAY for West Neighbourhood House!


Neighbourhood Charity & Sponsoring Group:
West Neighbourhood House


At West Neighbourhood House, we are committed to helping less advantaged individuals, families and groups in the community to gain greater control over their lives and within their community.

From settlement services for newcomers to day programs for seniors, from adult learning programs to after-school activities for kids, at West Neighbourhood House we provide services to strengthen and better our community.

To learn more about the House, please visit our website at or visit us on Facebook or Twitter.

NCE3: Liberty Village/King West NCE3: Liberty Village/King West


Team West Neighbourhood House's Cheering Theme — Celebrating our diverse west neighbourhoods

Join the West Neighbourhood House Neighbourhood Challenge cheering stage team on Sunday, October 16th in celebration of our diverse west neighbourhoods! We live in a unique part of the city—our catchment area (about 15 square kms) has more people than most towns in Canada (about 110,000), which means a lot of diverse people working together to face challenges and build strong communities.

Our strength lies in our diversity and we are proud to be a part of so many incredible west neighbourhoods!

We rely on generous donations to keep the House going strong and ask for your support. Support one of our Neighbourhood Challenge Champions that are going the distance for our communities!

If you have any questions about sponsoring a Neighbourhood Challenge Champion or want to join our stage as a cheerer, contact Kaleigh at or 416-532-7586 Ext. 215.


NCE3 Sponsors



2016 Entertainment features:

AfroLatino Dance Company

AfroLatino Dance Company

AfroLatino Dance Company brings you a colourful and dazzling Brazilian Samba show, and many years of experience in both performing as well as teaching to your event. We offer top quality classes in salsa, reggaeton, kizomba and more in downtown. Please see our school's website ( for class information and our show's website ( for dance shows related information.

Batucada Carioca Samba Group

Batucada Carioca Samba Group

Maninho Costa's Batucada Carioca samba drummers and dancers play and move to the most traditional and original samba rhythms of Rio de Janeiro and Brazilian music. Brazilian culture and Samba movement at its finest!!! The group is made up of 20-25 performers who play various percussion instruments in festivals, workshops, and classes in Toronto. Facebook page



South from King Street on Strachan Ave to the Lakeshore, turn right through Princes' Gates into parking [paid] at CNE grounds.

OR from Start/Finish, take King St. Westbound to Strachan, then south on Strachan, as above; OR West on Front St., south on Bathurst, East on Fort York Boulevard, right onto Fleet St., and straight ahead through Princes' Gates to CNE [paid] parking.

NCE3 is supported by Councillor Mike Layton (Ward 19)

Ward 19 profile (City of Toronto)


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