NCE3: Liberty Village / King West

NCE 3 location


Lakeshore Blvd. & Princes' Gates, at 9k & 17k


Last year's pretty Samba girls and drummers wowed the crowd! Be sure this lively neighbourhood will be as spectacular this year!

Cheer runners from:

9:05am to 11:45am


Neighbourhood Champion: Elaine McCrea

Elaine McCrea

I have been running since I was a youngster and have competed in track, cross country and many road race distances up to the marathon. In addition to being an avid runner, I also live vicariously through my coaching of other runners.

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Neighbourhood Champion: Copper Campey Guzman

Copper Campey Guzman

I was born to run. I'm a Vizsla, and we are the second fastest breed of dog (after Greyhounds), with a top speed of 37 miles per hour. I've been a runner as long as I can remember, but only started running seriously this year. I started running with my BlondHairDaddy this spring, and we discovered we make a great team. My favourite distance is 10K, and I love running the Don Valley Trail. I like to run with the "Runners Shop" group, and while I'm usually pretty quiet, I am definitely the fastest dog in the dog park!

My first race was the Pride and Remembrance Run — I was the first dog across the finish line, and came 9th in my age category (females under 24), and 441st overall. I'm really looking forward to this race (since dogs aren't allowed in the actual Marathon, I'll be running the course a week early!), and am excited about fund-raising for Toronto Neighbourhood Centres. You can follow my training progress, and get my running advice on Twitter at runningdogcopper, or on Facebook at "Copper's Half Marathon Run" event.

Last year, BlondHairDaddy (aka John Campey) raised almost $8,000 as a Neighbourhood Champion, and since I am way cuter, and in much better shape than he is, I bet I can top ten grand — which is a lot of kibble! Hope you'll sponsor me.

Please put a pledge on Copper TODAY for Toronto Neighbourhood Centres (TNC)!


Neighbourhood Champion: Ron Charles

Ron Charles

I started running in my twenties to stay in shape and enjoy the outdoors. I continue running into my fifties to clear my head and feel the wind on my face. Running has allowed me to discover parts of this great city that I would never have stumbled upon. Running allows me to share a passion with others who are as enthusiastic about sprinting along roads of discovery through the neighbourhoods of Toronto.

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Neighbourhood Champion: Margaret Webb

Margaret Webb

I love running so much I wrote a book about what the sport gives to me (Older Faster Stronger: What Women Runners Can Teach Us All About Living Younger, Longer). I'll be speaking about it Saturday 3:30 at the Expo so drop by to say hello. I'm thrilled to be running as a Neighbourhood Champ!

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Neighbourhood Charity & Sponsoring Group:
Toronto Neighbourhood Centres (TNC)


TNC is an association of non-profit multi-service organizations dedicated to strengthening local neighbourhoods and enabling diverse communities to work together to promote justice and a healthy life for all.

We share a vision of a Toronto that:

TNC is a registered charitable organization and a member of the Canadian Association of Neighbourhood Services (CANS) and the International Federation of Settlements and Neighbourhood Centres (IFS).

TNC Values and the Neighbourhood Centre Model

TNC members believe that well-being is a social achievement and not exclusively an individual one, and that every community needs a range of supports to flourish, including:

As one part of this fabric, TNC promotes the model of universal access multi-service Neighbourhood Centres, complementing strong public services and organizations supporting specific communities and sectors.

Neighbourhood Centres are dedicated to empowering neighbours to work together to meet local challenges and create shared approaches to building community. They provide a crucial focus and support for community development, and address the needs of their area by integrating services, capacity building and social reform.

Inspired by the tradition of innovation within the Settlement House movement, today's neighbourhood centres take many forms as they generate local solutions to global challenges. Together and separately TNC members seek to catalyze change by:

TNC members contribute to a world in which the "international community" is shaped by people working together from their local communities, a power and legitimacy from the base of society.

For a description of Toronto Neighbourhood Centres, list of member agencies and what we do please visit our website at:

For more information on becoming a TNC member please e-mail TNC's Executive Director Rob Howarth at:


Team TNC's Cheering Theme — Agencies Empowering Local Communities!

Join Toronto Neighbourhood Centres Neighbourhood Challenge cheering stage team on Sunday, October 19th in celebration of empowering neighbours to work together to meet local challenges and create shared approaches to building community, and help cheer on the thousands of walkers and runners taking on the challenge.

Anyone interested in supporting TNC's fundraising efforts and supporting our Neighbourhood Challenge Champions please contact Maria Costa at for a TNC Neighbourhood Challenge pledge sheet.


NCE3 Sponsors

Starbucks Coffee Kitchen Stuff Plus, Liberty Village


2014 Entertainment features:

AfroLatino Dance Company

AfroLatino Dance Company

AfroLatino Dance Company brings you a colourful and dazzling Brazilian Samba show, and many years of experience in both performing as well as teaching to your event. We offer top quality classes in salsa, reggaeton, kizomba and more in downtown. Please see our school's website ( for class information and our show's website ( for dance shows related information.

Batucada Carioca Samba Group

Batucada Carioca Samba Group

Maninho Costa's Batucada Carioca samba drummers and dancers play and move to the most traditional and original samba rhythms of Rio de Janeiro and Brazilian music. Brazilian culture and Samba movement at its finest!!! The group is made up of 20-25 performers who play various percussion instruments in festivals, workshops, and classes in Toronto.



South from King Street on Strachan Ave to the Lakeshore, turn right through Princes' Gates into parking [paid] at CNE grounds.

OR from Start/Finish, take King St. Westbound to Strachan, then south on Strachan, as above; OR West on Front St., south on Bathurst, East on Fort York Boulevard, right onto Fleet St., and straight ahead through Princes' Gates to CNE [paid] parking.

NCE2 is supported by Councillor Mike Layton (Ward 19)

Ward 19 profile (City of Toronto)


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