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Queens Quay & Sherbourne Common Pk., at 21k


Live music! Raising funds for Epilepsy Toronto.

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9:45am to 12:40am

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Neighbourhood Champion: Andy Ayotte

Andy Ayotte

Another year, another challenge. I will be running a half-marathon at the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon in October but will be doing so while pushing our daughter Stephanie in an adult jogging stroller. My brother Denis will be joining me on this venture to assist me with pushing the stroller. We are raising funds for Epilepsy Toronto this year to highlight the challenges of living with difficult to control seizures. For the last couple of years, Stephanie has been struggling with drop seizures on a daily basis (anywhere from four seizures to more than 20 seizures a day). She has fallen down stairs a couple of times as a result of these seizures and has broken a leg and a foot as a result of drop seizures. Given the unpredictability of these seizures, she now spends much of her time in a wheelchair.

I have been involved in one capacity or another with Epilepsy Toronto for more than 20 years and can attest to the wonderful work they do for people living with epilepsy. Your support of this wonderful cause would be tremendously appreciated.

Please put a pledge on Andy TODAY for Epilepsy Toronto!


Epilepsy Toronto Neighbourhood Charity & Sponsoring Group:
Epilepsy Toronto

Living with seizures is never easy. Little Ben knows. After having two seizures at school, his friends didn't want to have much to do with him. Suddenly, he ate lunch alone, wasn't asked to play road hockey and didn't get invited to sleepovers anymore. He was the exact same kid as before, but others, even his friends, couldn't see past the seizures. Two seizures were all it took to turn his life upside down. And that's why we need your help. The stigma of epilepsy is an added burden to thousands of children just like Ben.


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Groove to the rock 'n' roll sound of "Shelter"… friends of Epilepsy Toronto who want to make a difference!

Shelter got their start (and their name) in 2008 entertaining guests at a homeless shelter. Starting as a father and son team, they soon expanded to a foursome and have been rocking out audiences with their hard driving versions of classic rock covers ever since. Kent McDonald on vocals and guitar, Tim McDonald lead guitar, JR Grant on bass and vocals and Patrick Hamilton pounding the drums. Shelter will get you moving!




NCE5 is supported by Councillor Pam McConnell (Ward 28)

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