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Cabbagetown Youth Centre


Bayview Avenue at River Street turnaround


Live music! Join the Cabbagetown Youth cheering squad and help raise extra funds for the Cabbagetown Youth Centre.

Cheer runners from:



Neighbourhood Champion: Angela Jonsson

Angela Jonsson

I've taken up running to put some direction to my normal course of action: running around in circles. Hailing from the thriving metropolis of Cottam, Ontario (population: 300), you'll note that I'm prone to things like puns, holding doors open for people, laughing easily, and anything that glitters.

I often waste too much time thinking about politics and my next running route.

I currently have over a dozen marathons under my belt and I'm looking forward to running the 42.2km this Fall for the Cabbagetown Youth Centre.

Please put a pledge on Angela, TODAY, for Cabbagetown Youth Centre!


Neighbourhood Champion: Sylvie Andrew

Sylvie Andrew

As a relatively new resident of Cabbagetown I am thrilled to participate in this half marathon and to help the Cabbagetown Youth Centre, such a great local institution that is doing so much to help our community.

I have been running seriously for several years now, having completed 9 full marathons, including Boston, New York, Chicago and Berlin. In April 2013 I ran the London (England) Marathon, the last of the "Big Five" Marathons to add to my trophy case.

As a former teacher and current elementary school vice principal I have always placed great value on helping and encouraging the young people in our community, and I encourage everyone to come out and support this wonderful cause!

Please put a pledge on Sylvie TODAY for Cabbagetown Youth Centre!


Neighbourhood Champion: Heather Hopkins

Heather Hopkins

Heather Hopkins is a competitive amateur boxer, Provincial gold medalist 2013 and silver medalist at the 2010 Canadian Elite Championships, coach at the Cabbagetown Boxing Club and an aspiring competitive runner. She is extremely proud to run in the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon as a local champion for the Cabbagetown Youth Centre for a fourth time. For Heather, running started as part of boxing training, a homework assignment that felt like punishment. Today, it is a passion as she embarks on her ninth marathon on October 19.

When she is not boxing or running, she is at her day job at St. John's Music, providing music resources to educational music programs.

The community of Cabbagetown is near and dear to Heather. Seeing first hand how many people benefit from the CYC programs is inspiring. A pledge in any amount will go a long way and make Heather's feet a little lighter. Thank you.

Please put a pledge on Heather TODAY for Cabbagetown Youth Centre!


Neighbourhood Champion: Stephen Antolin

Stephen Antolin

I care a great great deal about Cabbagetown, having spent the past couple of years living and working in the area. I especially care for places like the Cabbagetown Youth Centre and the people who make it the special place it is. It is these people and places like the CYC, who give so tirelessly of their energy and resources, that make Cabbagetown such a special neighbourhood. I run for the CYC and all involved with it, so that they may continue to help youth spread their wings and continue to soar alongside them.

Please put a pledge on Stephen TODAY for Cabbagetown Youth Centre!


Neighbourhood Champion: Danielle Prapavessis

Danielle Prapavessis

Danielle Prapavessis is a passionate student studying environmental science at the University of Ottawa. She is curious by nature, loves to travel and believes that by empowering youth, they can have a positive impact on the world. Growing up in New Zealand has fostered her love for the environment and she hopes to have a career focusing on creating a more sustainable food system. She recently co-founded an non-profit organization, Seed by Seed, and cycled across Canada delivering workshops and presentations to youth about Food Security. Having explored many parts of the world and engaged in different activities she continues to grow and enjoys networking with people from many walks of life. Among the many things she has learned throughout her journey was how important it is to have a strong community for people to flourish. She is eager to contribute to the Cabbagetown Youth Centre and aligns with their overall mandate. Thankfully Danielle also enjoys running and is excited to be apart of this campaign.

Please put a pledge on Danielle TODAY for Cabbagetown Youth Centre!


Cabbagetown Youth Centre

Neighbourhood Charity & Sponsoring Group:
Cabbagetown Youth Centre

The staff and volunteers at the Cabbagetown Youth Centre (CYC) make the impossible possible, everyday!

Founded as the Cabbage Boxing Club in 1972, the CYC began providing social programs for Youth in Toronto's eastern, inner city core. Perhaps its most-famous graduate is 1984 Olympic, Light Middleweight Silver Medallist, Shawn O'Sullivan.

Developed in response to a need for community resources and preventative services, CYC programs form the largest community facility available to a diverse and under-serviced population.

Today the CYC has evolved and provides a full range of recreational, social and skill development programs, continuing to identify and respond to the unique and changing needs of the communities it serves. The CYC offers programs for all ages, from pre-school to seniors, that build leadership skills and promote self-esteem and positive family relations.

The CYC provides a variety of services and programs from three locations and operates summer residential and day camps.

HELP us raise pledges on our MARATHON CHAMPIONS, and WIN the Neighbourhood Challenge for Cabbagetown — every $$ will go to sustain our programs!

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Entertainment features 2014:

The Coppertones

The Toronto Police Service Coppertones was formed in 1974. The focus of the group was to give back to the community by representing the Police Service through music by performing at various community events and public venues throughout the city. All band members are active, full-time Toronto Police Service members and accomplished musicians. The TPS Coppertones has received the prestigious Chief of Police Award for outstanding community service.

The current line up of the TPS Coppertones is Const. Kevin Grant on guitar and vocals, Sp. Const. Kevin Campbell on drums and vocals, Const. Mark Rebello on keyboards and vocals, Const. Tyler Rowles on bass and vocals.

The band plays a combination of contemporary, R&B and rock music.




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