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Neighbourhood Champions

Each of the 12 neighbourhoods we pass through will have up to 4 NEIGHBOURHOOD CHAMPIONS running the half or full marathon for them.

The Champions have been selected as regular runners, everyday "local heroes". The Champs will run in special t-shirts on the day, making it easy for you to spot them, and give an extra cheer for the heroes going the distance for your 'hood.

Most importantly, the Neighbourhood Champions have been set up so that everyone can put online pledges on them, in support of their neighbourhood charity this year. This way, the charities will not only be able to have a 5 in 12 chance of winning prize money (1st, 2nd or 3rd place or honourable mention in the Neighbourhood Challenge), but they'll be able to collect pledges on their Champions. This way, every neighbourhood will win—just like the marathon itself!

This is your big chance to come out and cheer for the 'hood at the NCE near you, but also to be a super-spectator and "pay not to run"!

2014 Champions: more coming soon!

Neighbourhood Champion's Name Charity running for
Liberty Village / King West (NCE3) Elaine McCrea Elaine McCrea
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Running for Toronto Neighbourhood Centres (TNC)
Liberty Village / King West (NCE3) Copper Campey Guzman Copper Campey Guzman
Click name for full bio
Running for Toronto Neighbourhood Centres (TNC)
High Park (NCE4) Bridget Burns Bridget Burns
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Running for Friends of High Park Zoo