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Toronto. October 1st, 2007

Chew On This: Toronto's Michal Kapral Chews Gum as He Sets World Record for Running a Marathon While Juggling

Michal Kapral

Michal "The Joggler" Kapral of East York has reclaimed the Guinness World Record for running the fastest "joggling" marathon, running every step of Sunday's Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon while juggling three beanbags AND chewing gum!

Kapral's finishing time of two hours, 50 minutes and nine seconds took two minutes off the 2:52:15 mark set by American joggling rival Zach Warren at last year's Philadelphia Marathon.

During his training, Kapral had several people jokingly ask him whether he could chew gum while joggling, so he decided to run the entire race while chewing three sticks of Wrigley Extra Bubblemint.

"I'm thrilled to bring the marathon joggling record back to Canada," Kapral said. "My legs ache, my arms are sore and my jaw hurts, but it was all worth it."

Kapral, 35, senior editor at the Toronto office of Westford, Massachusetts-based Captivate Network, has been battling with Warren, 25, a laughter researcher at Harvard, for the coveted joggling record since Kapral first joggled to a world-record 3:07:46 at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon in 2005. Since then, the record has see-sawed five times between the two.

This time around, Kapral's new world record may hold for a while, as Warren has left for a two-year work posting in Pakistan. Warren congratulated Kapral by phone, but vowed to return to try and break it in 2010.

Kapral is raising money for childhood cancer research through the Sick Kids Foundation charity, A Run For Liane (

A father of two, Kapral also holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest time to joggle 10 kilometres (36 minutes and 27 seconds) and until earlier this year held the record for "fastest marathon while pushing a baby in a stroller" (2 hours, 49 minutes and 43 seconds), which he set in 2004 with his then one-year-old daughter Annika. He is co-owner, with wife Dianne, of the Toronto-based in-home personal training company, Fitness at Heart.

Reebok is Kapral's official running shoe and apparel sponsor. In what may be the first-ever corporate endorsement of a joggler, Reebok Canada incorporated Kapral's quirky sport into their Run Easy ad campaign, and featured a joggling display at this year's marathon expo.