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Chicago to Toronto:
Three Great Lakes, Two Great Countries, One Epic Ride

Endurance athlete Jenny Hadfield rides from Chicago to Toronto to set elliptical biking distance records and introduce Canada to low-impact running

Jenny Hadfield and ElliptiGO

September 20, 2010 — This week, over 23,000 runners from forty countries will make their way to the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon by cars, planes and trains—but not distance runner Jenny Hadfield. Jenny will power her own mode of transport by riding her ElliptiGO 8S, the world's first elliptical bike, over 800 km from her home in Chicago, Illinois to the marathon weekend in Toronto, Ontario.

Jenny Hadfield, a sponsored athlete with ElliptiGO, the southern California-based company that invented the elliptical bikes, is excited for the upcoming challenge. “The ElliptiGO combines the cardiovascular intensity of running with the low-impact benefits of cycling. Compared to conventional road biking, elliptical biking burns more calories over an equivalent distance, so this will be a much more physically demanding ride for me than if I were just riding my road bike.”

Hadfield is an accomplished runner and endurance athlete, having completed more than 30 marathons and several adventure races all over the world, including the three-day Transrockies Run in Colorado in August. She is eager to add elliptical biking to her list of endurance feats. “The low-impact nature of elliptical biking will allow me to go for harder and longer because I won't be straining my joints—by getting rid of those traditional factors that limit my distance running, I will be able to push to the absolute limits of my cardio base and leg strength.”

Completing the Chicago to Toronto epic ride will earn Hadfield a place in the elliptical biking record book that has been historically dominated by men. In July, Brent Teal, one of the inventors of the ElliptiGO, set the distance record for elliptical biking in one day by completing the Seattle-to-Portland ride (328 km) in just over 13 hours. Ultramarathoner Dean Karnazes rode 785 km over 5 days from San Francisco to Los Angeles in March. Two other ElliptiGO customers in the U.S. have also completed multi-day rides on the ElliptiGO, one crossed the state of Iowa and the other rode the entire length of the Pacific Coast in the U.S.

On the fifth day of her journey, Hadfield will ride 145 km from New Glasgow, Michigan to Scotland, Ontario crossing the border at the Ambassador Bridge. On the sixth and final day, she will ride the 110 km from Scotland to Mississauga arriving at the R.M.P Athletic Locker office to officially launch the ElliptiGO brand in Canada. R.M.P is pleased to recently announce their Canadian distribution agreement with ElliptiGO.

Hadfield will also be joined by R.M.P Athletic Locker President Mike Dyon, a former elite marathoner himself, for the final 20 km of the 800 km ride into Mississauga.

EVERYONE is invited you to join us in welcoming Jenny to Toronto, at the R.M.P. office (6085 Belgrave Road, Mississauga in the Heartland Town Centre) on Wednesday Sept 22nd around 3:30pm — and get a chance to hear all about this journey into Canada. ElliptiGO bikes will also be available for test rides.

Jenny will also be in attendance at the Expo of the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon in the Brooks Race Merchandise booth — to meet and greet racers from all over the world. Friday September 24th, 11am to 8pm & Saturday 25th, 10am to 6pm.

An iPhone application has been created to follow Jenny on her route:

Although not everyone could do an epic ride — the real purpose of the system is to provide an efficient low-impact workout. “For most people, the ElliptiGO is not about riding for hours on end setting world records; it’s about spending 30-45 minutes outside every day getting in a great low-impact workout that’s fun and comfortable,” says ElliptiGO co-founder and co-president, Brent Teal. “As everyone knows, the pounding of running causes a lot of injuries. By eliminating the impact, the ElliptiGO provides the most comfortable and effective outdoor workout experience available today — one that anyone can do day in and day out without damaging their body.”

The ElliptiGO 8S currently retails for $2,499 (CAD) in Canada.

For more information on the ElliptiGO product, please visit: or call 1-877-932-0631.