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NEWS Oct 11 2006

Malawi says "THANKS"... for 700 pairs of shoes!

To the Runners who Supported the Shoes 4 Malawi

Shoes 4 Malawi table at the Oasis Expo

To all of you who either gave shoes or a verbal encouragement we say THANK YOU!!

You as a group of runners are amazing, your donations will be well used. In total we collected around 700 pairs of shoes, plus a lot of shirts and hats. In addition nearly all shoes came with a bar of soap tucked inside.

We only gave you one week's notice and even with a short notice you responded amazingly. The shoes leave for Malawi on October 7th and we will update you once they arrive.

Here is a note from Malawi:

To the runners who gave shoes for Malawi,

I am so grateful for these shoes. Every day I see bruised and broken feet, often missing nails, and with twisted toes, because of the hard labour those bare feet withstand. A pair of shoes makes a big difference in the life of an old woman heading out to work the fields to try to scrape together food for her family. At her age she should be resting, but her children have died from AIDS and now she is the bread winner once again, this time for her children's children. With the shoes you have given, we will be able to make a difference for many such women around us, as well as the children we look after, and our workers. The shoes will all be scrubbed until they shine, and put out in the sun to dry, and then worn with pride. We thank you on behalf of those around us here in the Lower Shire, Malawi. You have made a difference!
Joanna Morrison, missionary for Iris Africa

As an aside we did not send all the shoes to Malawi—one pair stayed in Ontario. As we were setting up to collect shoes at the race a man came up and asked if we had a pair of size 13 shoes. He had mistakenly brought two right shoes and no left shoe. We said we did not have a pair but to check back in 15 minutes. Sure enough 15 minutes later we had a beautiful pair of size 13 New Balance which were in great shape. He took them, and off he went. I trust he did well. If anyone heard how he did please let us know.*

Thanks again to all.

Bruce Friesen
On behalf of David and Joanna Morrison

*Note from race organizers: yes he did well, and contacted us to say thanks and find out how to return the borrowed shoes, along with a few pairs of his own!