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Meet the STWM Pacer Team

Marathon Pacer Team 2015

Daniel MacKinnon, Pickering

Daniel Mackinnon

Marathon Pace Bunny for 3:05 Continuous

Daniel raced his first ever marathon at Scotia 2004, and has paced Scotia every year since 2006 (#10 and counting). Daniel's PB stands at 2:41:59 (fall 2013), and at 50 years old he worries that time is running out on his dream result: he hopes to crack 2:40 this fall. Join Daniel on his last "long easy run" leading up to his PB attempt.

Peter von Euw, Oakville

Peter von Euw

Marathon Pace Bunny for 3:15 Continuous

Pacing his 10th Waterfront Marathon! Virtually a professional pace bunny with many dozens of races done. Has been a big supporter of Team in Training, raising thousands of $ for them. Also enjoys Ironman, completing his 5th one at IM Canada in 2011. "Peter Rabbit" is known to consistently be within a minute of his pace time.

Troy Rowe, Markham

Troy Rowe

Marathon Pace Bunny for 3:25 Continuous

Pacing his 3rd Waterfront Marathon! Troy has been pacing 5ks, 10ks, halfs & 30ks over the last few years. Likes to pace steady Ks and seeing fellow runners achieve their goals and cross the finish line in time! He enjoys both running and triathlon.

Chris Chivers, Milton

Chris Chivers

Marathon Pace Bunny for 3:30 Continuous

Pacing his 4th Waterfront Marathon, is often referred to as a "Runaholic" by family and friends and simply loves running and all it has to offer. Ran six marathons in 2014 and fell just short of reaching his 40th marathon before his 40th birthday. However, is ready to take another "run" at it this year and if all goes as planned will do #40 at STWM (which is only fitting of course). A proud Running Room Clinic Instructor since 2011 who has instructed numerous clinics from 5k to the marathon.

Jason Ng, Markham

Jason Ng

Marathon Pace Bunny for 3:35 Continuous

Alex McMillin, Mississauga

no photo

Marathon Pace Bunny for 3:40 Continuous

Yang Zhao, Markham

no photo

Marathon Pace Bunny for 3:45 Continuous

Bill Haust, Toronto

Bill Haust

Marathon Pace Bunny for 3:55 Continuous

Pacing his third marathon, Bill is looking forward to donning the bunny ears to pace his first Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon. He has completed over 125 marathons, including 13 Boston Marathons. Bill has also used marathons to raise funds for charity, primarily Team in Training, for whom he was the first fund raising marathoner in Canada.

David Manuel, Grimsby

David Manuel

Marathon Pace Bunny for 4:00 Continuous

Pacing his 7th Scotiabank Marathon for his 60th marathon. Frequent Running Room instructor/speaker. Proud member of the Grimsby Lollygaggers (veteran runners committed to endlessly discussing their ailments).

Mark Wigmore, Ottawa

Mark Wigmore

Marathon Pace Bunny for 4:00 Run/Walk

This will be his 10th Toronto Scotiabank Marathon (he is expecting cake, balloons and candles). He is pacing his 9th consecutive Scotiabank Marathon, hitting his target times by an average of 12 seconds either side! He is the organizer of pace bunnies for the Ottawa Race Weekend and Army Run — the best pacers in Canada east of Toronto. Mark ran 4 marathons when he was young and then stopped running for 20 years (a la Forrest Gump). He has lost count (maybe not good thing to do if he is pacing) but is nearing 40 marathons.

Colin Arnott, Whitby

Colin Arnott

Marathon Pace Bunny for 4:10 Continuous

His 1st marathon was the Toronto Wang marathon in 1987 and he's run well over 100 marathons since then, all over the world! His PB is 2:48 in Mohawk Hudson in 1989. He's graduated to ultra running and has run five 100-milers. Won the Ultra Slam award in 2012 by finishing 4 of the toughest Ultra races in one season. Has been a pace bunny more than 12 times in races all over Ontario.

Ian Bier, Guelph

Ian Bier

Marathon Pace Bunny for 4:10 Run/Walk

Pacing marathons is Ian's dream job and right up his alley as a high school teacher. He is a busy father of 5 whose running goal is not to run Boston, but to keep running marathons every year until his kids are old enough to join him. The 4:10 pace should allow him lots of time to show off pictures of his kids on the walk breaks.

Merija Smalstig, Santa Ana CA

no photo

Marathon Pace Bunny for 4:25 Run/Walk

Erik Mohr, Toronto

no photo

Marathon Pace Bunny for 4:25 Continuous

Lisa Purdy, Toronto

Lisa Purdy

Marathon Pace Bunny for 4:40 Run/Walk

STWM 2015 will be Lisa's 12th marathon and 4th pacing gig. "Pacing is the coolest job ever! I get just as much satisfaction in bringing my runners home in time as I do from setting a PB! Join me in getting to the finish in just under 4:40. We'll laugh, we'll cry, we'll groan, but we'll get to the finish."

Nedialko I. Krouchev

no photo

Marathon Pace Bunny for 4:55 Run/Walk


Half Marathon Pacer Team 2015

Jowenne Herrera, Toronto

Jowenne Herrera

Half Marathon Pace Bunny for 1:30 Continuous

Pacing his 6th Scotia Half Marathon! A communications specialist, artist + designer, public servant, volunteer, traveller, swimmer, cyclist and of course a RUNNER. Loves to run to "zen-out". Favourite colour to race with: RED

Bao Lam, Kitchener

Bao Lam

Half Marathon Pace Bunny for 1:40 Continuous

Pacing his 9th Waterfront Half Marathon! Enjoys helping people get to the finish line. Says, "Runners are different people. Runners are people with a common attitude. I have met many nice people at the Waterfront 1/2 marathon and really enjoy helping them get to the finish line. Good luck and good running.

Francis Ng, Toronto

Francis Ng

Half Marathon Pace Bunny for 1:45 Continuous

Pacing his 7th STWM half marathon. He has paced numerous other races including two marathons. In total, has completed 17 marathons including Boston twice. A tech geek who occasionally wears two watches on training runs, he prides himself on metronomic pacing. Has a weakness for chocolate covered almonds.

Wendy Chen, Toronto

Wendy Chen

Half Marathon Pace Bunny for 1:50 Continuous

Fifth year pacing. Finisher of four major world marathons though yet to collect the last two jackets from London and Tokyo. Travel has been the biggest motivation for running marathons. Lives and runs in Toronto and enjoys running along High Park trails and Humber River trail the most. A member of Longboat Roadrunners and also one of the Running Rats.

Brett Kyle, Cambridge

Brett Kyle

Half Marathon Pace Bunny for 2:00 Run/Walk

Veteran of 15 marathons including 3 Bostons and has participated in almost 100 races! Doing first triathlon this summer and ultimately a full Ironman is on the bucket list! Loves to pace and help others reach their running goals. Has done the "Warrior Dash" and will run first "Tough Mudder" this summer. Main reason for running is to eat!

Anna Chu, Toronto

Anna Chu

2nd Half Marathon Pace Bunny for 2:00 Run/Walk

Swims, or tries. Cycles, did so once while falling asleep. Runs, once for 3 hours alone on a treadmill. Doing 5th Waterfront Half-marathon as a Pacer. Works in health research and can calculate your running statistics while happily pacing.

Richard Pencer, Toronto

Richard Pencer

Half Marathon Pace Bunny for 2:00 Continuous

A Scotiabank pacer since 2007. He learned the importance of pacing years ago when he got passed in his first 5k by an old fat guy. Now his goal is to be the old fat guy! Known for his fondness of knee high lime green compression socks. Ran off the course at mile 23 of the Disney Marathon to do the Star Wars 4D ride before finishing. Knows he's training well when he runs past the ice cream truck.

Ellen Campbell, Toronto

Ellen Campbell

Half Marathon Pace Bunny for 2:15 Run/Walk

A first-time Waterfront pacer, Ellen has run 3 marathons, dozens of half-marathons and paced the 5k, 10k, half-marathon and 30k distances. Runs regularly with the Hogtown Hash House Harriers and the Toronto Running Club. Looking forward to seeing you on October 19th!

Binky Wu, Whitby

Binky Wu

Half Marathon Pace Bunny for 2:15 Continuous

Started running in 2007 because she was getting sluggish and didn't want to pay for a fitness membership. Since then has completed many marathons, several 70.3 triathlons and an IronMan. Will finish the five marathon majors at year's end. Sometimes in shape, sometimes not but it's all about the journey, especially for a glitzy medal, and not paying gym fees.

Peter Gatto, Toronto

Peter Gatto

2nd Half Marathon Pace Bunny for 2:15 Continuous

Pacer at Waterfront 9 times. "Pacing makes me very happy, especially when runners begin the race with me but manage to drop me and finish ahead." Has done 7 marathons including NYC, Chicago and Philly. Longtime member of the Hogtown Hash house harriers (a drinking club with a running problem). Has to keep running because his wife says he's cranky if he stops.

Janet Ward, Barrie

Janet Ward

Half Marathon Pace Bunny for 2:30 Run/Walk

Veteran of dozens of Scotiabank Half Marathons and 16 Full Marathons including Iceland. Taught 12 running clinics including Learn to Run, 10K and Full and Half Marathon. Does hill work every week — keeps her humble.

Sandra Chu, Toronto

Sandra Chu

Half Marathon Pace Bunny for 2:30 Continuous

Looking forward to pacing her 7th Waterfront race. She enjoys this pace as she gets to help many runners complete their first half marathon. When she's not pacing or racing, she enjoys running with her 2 young boys and is looking forward to watching them run their first race.

Paul Miller, Toronto

no photo

Half Marathon Pace Bunny for 2:45 Run/Walk

Shawna Rossi, Toronto

Shawna Rossi

Half Marathon Pace Bunny for 3:00 Run/Walk

Running Room Coach and 14-time half marathon Pace Bunny plus has done 7 fulls and over 40 half marathons. Runs for bling. Triathlete and Ironman 70.3 Muskoka finisher. Known as the Fashionista Tri girl. Easily transitions from 6 inch stilettos into running shoes.