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The Scotiabank Charity Challenge

The Scotiabank Charity Challenge allows for thousands of participants to make their 5k, half marathon or full marathon race more meaningful by raising funds for the charity of their choice. To aid with fundraising efforts, all official charity participants receive access to a free, user-friendly online fundraising system with 100% of all funds raised going directly to each charity. Participants are able to support a broad range of charities including health focused, environmental, social and community services.

In 2014, the Scotiabank Charity Challenge at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon hosted 173 charities who raised over $3.6 million! Since its inception in 2003, the Scotiabank Charity Challenge has raised over $24 million for local, national and international charities.

Scotiabank Employee Fundraising Program

As an added benefit of being employed by the title sponsor, Scotiabank will cover the registration fee for employees who register for the event and fundraise a minimum of $200 for one of the 2015 Scotiabank Charity Challenge Official Charities by Friday, October 2 at 9am.

How to Register

Scotiabank Employees Only — Follow these steps and sign up online to raise funds as part of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge — Scotiabank Employee Fundraising Program!

  1. Choose Your Charity. Click here to view our list of 2015 Official Charities and select your cause.
  2. Register online for the Marathon, Half-Marathon or 5k.

    In order to sign up for the Scotiabank Employee Fundraising Program and have your registration fee waived, Scotiabank Employees MUST:

    In the Personal Information section:

    • Register using your Scotiabank employee email address
    • Create a username and password **These will be for your participant dashboard in AND your fundraising profile in Artez Interactive

    In the Scotiabank Employee Section:

    • Select YES to the question 'Are you a Scotiabank Employee'
    • Enter your Scotiabank Employee Transit Number
    • Under Program Participation, select 'Running and fundraising a minimum of $200 (registration fee waived) — opportunity to fundraise for an Official Charity and receive fundraising incentives.'
    • Check each wavier box in this section

    In the Scotiabank Charity Challenge section:

    • Select that you would like to create a fundraising account
    • Select a charity from the drop-drown menu
    • Create a username and password for the Artez Interactive System
  3. Complete the remainder of the Registration form. On the payment confirmation page, please ensure that your total is $0. If it is not $0, one of the areas above was not filled out correctly. Please double check all areas to make sure the information is entered correctly.

    Failure to register correctly will result in the discounted charity registration fee being charged: Marathon $80, Half-Marathon $80, 5k $40. Please ensure you follow the outlined steps above.

    IMPORTANT: Scotiabank employees who register incorrectly will not be refunded.

    Note: You must complete steps 2 & 3 to create your fundraising profile.

  4. Get Ready to Start Fundraising! Once you have successfully registered, you will receive a confirmation email from You will also receive a second email from Artez Interactive with your fundraising profile information! This email will include your username, link to your profile page and more. You will be able to access your fundraising account by clicking the link provided and logging in to the event fundraising platform. Once you are logged in, you can edit your personal fundraising page and start collecting pledges for the Charity of your choice!

    Artez Interactive is entirely free to you and your Charity of choice. As a result of Scotiabank's generous sponsorship, every penny you raise goes directly to the Charity!

  5. Fundraise a Minimum of $200 by Friday, October 2 at 9am. But don't stop there! Help your charity raise even MORE money by increasing your fundraising efforts to ensure they win one of the 2015 STWM Scotiabank Charity Challenge Awards or dress up in costume to be a contender in the Best Dressed Costume Contest.

    Note: Employees who do not meet the minimum of $200 raised by Friday, October 2 at 9am will be charged the Discounted Charity Registration Fee for their race at Packet Pickup.

    Marathon — $80
    Half-Marathon — $80
    5k — $40

Pledge an Individual, Team, or Charity

Search for Individual, Team, and Charity Fundraising Pages by CLICKING HERE

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my family and friends register as well?

The Scotiabank Employee Fundraising Program is for current Scotiabank employees only, but please encourage others to register for the race as well! When you sign up for online fundraising, you can then choose to be on the same Fundraising Team.

Can I use the Team Registration Form?

Please do not use the Team Registration Form to register. The Team Registration Form provides the ability to register and pay for multiple participants in one bulk transaction. Since participating employees are receiving a complimentary entry, no transaction is taking place. No matter how you register for the event (Regular Registration, Scotiabank Employee Registration, Team Registration), each person is still registered in our system as an individual. If you wish to create or join a Fundraising Team, you can do this when you create your Online Fundraising Account.

I've lost my Fundraising Account login information. Where can I find it?

If you need assistance recovering your username or password for your Fundraising Account, please CLICK HERE.


Please Contact Rachel Brooks at .