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    Only 9 Weeks to Go Until the Canada Running Series GRAND FINALE - STWM 2013!
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Nibbling on a Tightrope Schedule

bear on rope If you ever work through lunch because you're just too busy to eat, you know how hungry you can be later in the afternoon. Warning: If you miss lunch, you're setting yourself up for a crash of energy later in the day.


It's not always possible to eat at the same time each evening because sometimes work, family tasks, sports activities and more must get done before dinner. Figure out which foods, for you, give you energy later in the day for evening activity, be it running, walking, playing with the kids or TV watching.


Top 5 Foods for Fueling

Fruit - banana, apple, watermelon, strawberries

Nuts - cashews, peanuts

Granola bars

Yogurt with berries or banana

Smoothy shake


For a little dose of naughtiness, throw in some chocolate too. Bottom line, you don't need to get fancy, stick with the 'bear' essentials.




Train With Us!
Next Tune-up Run,
Sunday, Sep. 15
Liberty Village, Toronto


The Tune-Up Run program is designed to give you opportunities to hook up with other runners (and walkers) to train for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, Half or 5k.


Schedule for each run:


8:00-8:30am - Running Room staff open store - runners & walkers welcome


8:20am - Intro & brief talk ...with a brief welcome by the Waterfront staff and introduction to any Pace Bunnies on hand that day


8:30am - Group Runs & Walks


After run & walk - come back into the Running Room for water & Gatorade



Tune-Up Run #5

Date: Sunday, September 15

Location: Liberty Village Running Room

Distances: Marathon-23k, Half-12k


Meet Your Pace Bunnies


We have 30 Pace Bunnies set to guide you on race day for both the full and half marathon. Aiming to qualify for Boston? We have most times covered. Aiming to reach a milestone time? We probably have you covered. Here are a couple on the team:



Peter von Euw, Oakville
Marathon Pace Bunny for 3:10 Continuous


Peter Von Euw Pacing his 9th Waterfront Marathon! Virtually a professional pace bunny with many dozens of races done. Has been a big supporter of Team in Training, raising thousands of dollars for them. Also enjoys Ironman and just completed his 6th at IM Mt. Tremblant last week! 




Richard Pencer, Toronto

Half Marathon Pace Bunny for 2:00 Continuous


A Scotiabank pacer since 2007. Known for his fondness of knee high lime green compression socks. Read more...




Our fantastic sponsors!
Tips from a 60-marathon plus veteran
Types of Runs

There are various kinds of running that can be used for different purposes:


Long Runs 
Long slow distance is the foundation of your training. Consistency and the progressive nature of the long slow run provide a gentle build-up of stamina and endurance.
Steady runs below targeted race pace used to develop and build strength.


Tempo Runs 
High-quality run sessions improve your speed and pace judgment. Simulates race conditions in a condensed version.
Hills Repeats

Repeated sessions, running hard up and easy down a hill improve form, cardiovascular and muscular skeleton strength.


Change of pace runs of various distances are good for runners choosing to build determination, strength and speed. They teach the athlete to shift gears between training speed and race speed.


Speed Session

Run sessions at 1 minute to 1 minutes faster than race day pace to get a sense of running in a discomfort zone while maintaining form.



John Stanton - new

One of the more experienced runners around, Running Room founder and owner, John Stanton provides weekly tips for getting through the marathon and half marathon.  


You can also take advantage of marathon, half marathon and 5k training clinics offered by the Running Room at all their locations and even online. 


Latest Updates

"The best organized marathon I have ever run... very encouraging crowds & the best organized I'd ever seen!"

 - R.S., Ottawa      



Join the Online #STWM Community!


"Dear #stwm community: You're amazing. The kind words and support as we all take this journey makes the marathon much more than just a race."

- Jodi Lewchuk (@Nostrovia_ca) on Twitter 


We're two months out from the 2013 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon and the #STWM community is buzzing! Over 1,000 runners from all over the world are sharing their experiences online.Be sure to connect with your fellow runners and our Digital Champions on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Epilogger. Visit the STWM blog for all the latest updates! 


Walt's Running Room Tour  


STWM Ambassador Walt was back on the road next week with stops in Oshawa, Kitchener and Brampton. Pictures from these stores are up now on Facebook. Be sure to catch up with Walt at the following locations next week:


Waterloo - August 27 

Vaughn - August 28
Aurora - August 29


The tour will be wrapping up at the end of September so don't miss out on the chance to get your hands on some official STWM gear provided by Brooks, including STWM "In Training" shirts!

Scotiabank Charity Challenge 2013


Last year over $4.3 million was raised for 181 local charities! Go the distance for one of over 180 charities in this year's Scotiabank Charity Challenge!


Run or walk to support a great cause, or to simply give something back to your community.


All charity runners will receive a discounted entry fee and charities offer different incentives in appreciation for your support - from refunds for meeting a fundraising target, to fundraising prizes, to team t-shirts. What a win, win, win... you run in a world class race, you run at a discounted rate, and you help your favourite charity!


Check out these amazing Official Charities - click on the logo for more info:   


The Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada is dedicated to increasing colorectal cancer awareness as well as supporting patients and advocating on their behalves. Run with the CCAC to show support for the roughly 22,200 Canadians who will be diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2013, to honour the roughly 8,900 men and women we lose to the disease each year and to have a blast while raising funds for the CCAC's programs and services. We know that we can reduce our risk of developing colorectal cancer by lacing up and getting active!



Community Education Services (CES) Canada is a non-profit humanitarian organization dedicated to providing access to education for orphans and other HIV/Aids affected children living in Kenya. Join Team CES Canada and Walk or Run for those who have no possible way to attend secondary school. Every step you take will bring hope for a future through education. Every kilometre will help to defeat the ravages of HIV/Aids in Kenya.  


ANNE'S TEAM is a group of people who love to run! What brings us together as a TEAM is our conviction to both the sport of endurance running and the spirit of charity. Every year, we lead a comprehensive 20-week Team Training program to prepare Half and Full Marathoners for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon (STWM) in October. In our three years of participation at STWM, ANNE'S TEAM has raised $163,000 for our partner programs in youth mental health!


Take a moment to choose from one of the above or the 180+ others... select yours by clicking on their logo and start fundraising and training today for YOUR marathon win, win, win! 


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Gotta Run!
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