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    Only 5 Weeks to Go Until the Canada Running Series GRAND FINALE - STWM 2013!
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The Wall


hitting the wall


We often hear newer or budding marathon & half marathon runners say that they've never 'hit the wall' or 'bonked' while running.  They're lucky. Or just haven't done enough races yet.


Truth is, there's a very strong likelihood that you WILL hit the wall at a longer distance race at some point in your illustrious running career. 


Will it ruin your race? No. It may slow you down a bit, but it's not something to live in terror of. Learn about it & how to manage or prevent it. 



Celebrate With Us!
Join us for
The Friendship Run
at the Running Room
Saturday, Oct. 19, 8:30am
Downtown Yonge St. store Toronto 
9:00 am - Friendship Run (5k)


Where: Downtown Yonge Running Room
Colony Bldg. (Wellington St. & Yonge St), 53 Yonge St., Toronto


Meet Your Pace Bunnies
We have 30 Pace Bunnies set to guide you on race day for both the full and half marathon. Aiming to qualify for Boston? We have most times covered. Aiming to reach a milestone time? We probably have you covered. Here are a couple on the team:

Ian Bier, Guelph

Ian Bier

Marathon Pace Bunny for 4:10 Run/Walk

Pacing marathons is Ian's dream job and right up his alley as a high school teacher. He is a busy father of 4 with one more on the way 4 weeks before race day so he may be a bit bleary eyed at the start. His running goal is to keep running marathons every year (this is his 8th) until his kids are old enough to join him. The 4:10 pace should allow him lots of time to show off pictures of his kids on the walk breaks.  Read more...

Wendy Chen, Markham
nullHalf Marathon Pace Bunny #2 for 2:00 Continuous

Third time pacing at Scotiabank Waterfront. Proud finisher of four World Major Marathons. A Longboat Roadrunners Club member and also a Running Rat. Favourite marathon: Berlin Marathon. Next marathons: London and Tokyo.

Meet the STWM Staff! 

David Gilchrist    


Senior Manager of Operations 

As a 5 year veteran and Senior Operations Manager at Canada Running Series, Dave manages the team responsible for the setup and teardown of all event supplies, signage and branding.  As an avid athlete, he cross-trains regularly, participating in boot-camps, beach volleyball, running and cycling.  Most notably, his team recently came in 1st place in the Corporate Mixed Relay at the Around the Bay Road Race. 

Rachelle Pantaleon    


Manager of Marketing, Sponsorship & Communications 

Rachelle is in her first season at Canada Running Series.  When she's not working, most of her time is spent playing volleyball or snowboarding.  She also very much enjoys working up a sweat at lunch time boot camp with the CRS staff.  Recently, Rachelle and teammates Dave and Kirk came in 1st place at this year's Around the Bay Corporate Relay.

Our fantastic sponsors!
Tips from a 60-marathon plus veteran
Pace Training


Pacing is a critical aspect of successful running because the goal is to maintain a desired pace for the entire workout (or race) - to finish each interval in the same amount of time. If you burned out and slowed the pace during past intervals, you probably started too quickly; if you sped up throughout the workout, you probably started too slowly. Pacing really takes practice.


Speed training uses short interval distances because the pace is hard enough that it can only be maintained for a short period of time, about 3 - 6 minutes.


Keep your pacing simple by using your target for the 10K. Be sure your goals are realistic. Work on improving pacing and improving speed with no more than 6 minutes of high intensity running with an easy recovery run between the sessions.


Maintain control of your form, leg turnover rate and breathing. Listen to your body and increase the intensity that's right for your current level of fitness.


One of the more experienced runners around, Running Room founder and owner, John Stanton provides weekly tips for getting through the marathon and half marathon.  


You can also take advantage of marathon, half marathon and 5k training clinics offered by the Running Room at all their locations and even online. 


Latest Updates

On the Road to STWM Episode 1: Elaine the First Timer 
On the Road to STWM Episode 1: Elaine the First Timer

Check out the first of 6 videos featuring some of the amazing individuals on the Road to #STWM! Meet Elaine the First Timer!

Buy your STWM Merchandise Online! 
2013 STWM merchandise from Brooks is now available online at the STWM Store! Proudly show off to your friends, family and colleagues that you are running in the 2013 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon!

STWM In-Training shirts are now available to purchase online. These shirts will sell out quickly so get yours now for only $5! 

Introducing the STWM Stars Program!null Virginia Lee and Rick Rayman are the only runners who have run every single STWM full marathon since the beginning! This year will mark their 14th race.


The STWM Stars Program was established to reward the loyal runners who have completed multiple Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Full Marathons. This year, all those running their 5th or more STWM full marathon in 2013 will receive an STWM Stars beer mug sponsored by Mill St. Brewery. These gifts can be picked up at the Running, Health and Fitness Expo on October 18 and 19!


Connect with your Fellow Runners! 
Digital Champions Alyssa Cheung and Mike Shanks provide the latest updates to the "Road to #STWM" blog. Alyssa reflects on all the ways running has shaped her and shares some of her discoveries.

How Running Changed My Life


Mike Shanks discusses how he came to motivate and coach his friend Elaine (featured above), who will be participating in STWM for the first time on October 20th in part due to his support.


 Lean On Me: Motivating a Friend to Run


The 2013 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon is just over a month away and the #STWM community is buzzing! Over 1,000 runners from all over the world are sharing their experiences online. Be sure to connect with your fellow runners and our Digital Champions on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Epilogger. Visit the STWM blog for all the latest updates! 


Walt's Running Room Tour  

STWM Ambassador Walt is on the road this week with a stop at Dundas/403 tonight and London on September 24th! The tour will be wrapping up at the end of September so don't miss out on the chance to get your hands on some official STWM gear provided by Brooks, including STWM "In Training" shirts!

Scotiabank Charity Challenge 2013


Last year over $4.3 million was raised for 181 local charities! Go the distance for one of over 180 charities in this year's Scotiabank Charity Challenge!


Run or walk to support a great cause, or to simply give something back to your community.


All charity runners will receive a discounted entry fee and charities offer different incentives in appreciation for your support - from refunds for meeting a fundraising target, to fundraising prizes, to team t-shirts. What a win, win, win... you run in a world class race, you run at a discounted rate, and you help your favourite charity!


Check out these amazing Official Charities - click on the logo for more info:    



The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation at University Health Network raises funds for breakthrough research, exemplary teaching and compassionate care at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and its research arm, the Ontario Cancer Institute, which includes The Campbell Family Cancer Research Institute and The Campbell Family Breast Cancer Research Institute. If you are passionate about Conquering Cancer, join hundreds of other like-minded people as we walk, run and raise funds to support vital programs and research!   

Run or walk the distance for "A Run To Remember" during the Scotiabank Charity Challenge on October 20 to celebrate and honour the memory of our dear departed friends, raise funds for a number of children's charities and promote a healthier lifestyle.



The Yee Hong Centre for Geriatric Care is a non-profit organization dedicated to delivering high quality and culturally appropriate services to seniors in the Greater Toronto Area. Our mission is to enable seniors to live life to the fullest - in the healthiest, most independent and dignified ways. Join us on October 20 at STWM!


Take a moment to choose from one of the above or the 180+ others... select yours by clicking on their logo and start fundraising and training today for YOUR marathon win, win, win! 


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