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    Canada's #1 BIG CITY Marathon is Just Around the Corner!
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How's that mileage?


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Race Day Hydration 


Have you decided yet whether you'll take Gatorade during the race or stop at coffee shops along the way?


A few suggestions...


Gatorade will be served at every aid station, or about every 3 kilometers.  The carbs and electrolytes in it may go a long way to helping you keep your energy up.


PowerBar gels will be served at about 13k of the half & marathon and again at the 26k mark of the marathon.  These offer an extra hit of carbs and are well worth consuming.  (please throw your empty gel wrapper into provided garbage cans at aid stations, not on city streets far from where they'll get picked up).


Gatorade and PowerBar gels work for most people but may not for everyone.  If you're one of those with a sensitive stomach or system you may find that natural food works best.  And yes, that would be a banana.

banana peeled Now if we could only figure out how to carry 5 of these during a marathon...


Celebrate With Us!
Join us for
The Friendship Run
at the Running Room
Saturday, Oct. 19, 8:30am
Downtown Yonge St. store Toronto 
9:00 am - Friendship Run (5k)


Where: Downtown Yonge Running Room
Colony Bldg. (Wellington St. & Yonge St), 53 Yonge St., Toronto
Meet Your Pace Bunnies
We have 30 Pace Bunnies set to guide you on race day for both the full and half marathon. Aiming to qualify for Boston? We have most times covered. Aiming to reach a milestone time? We probably have you covered. Here are a couple on the team:
Brian Letourneau, Gatineau
Marathon Pace Bunny for 3:45 Continuous

Brian is thrilled to return to Waterfront where he ran a personal best in 2010, punching his ticket to run Boston for a second time and New York City.


Joshua Wang, Markham 


Half Marathon Pace Bunny for 2:15 Run/Walk

Recreational runner / pacer, dragonboat coach, and avid CrossFitter.

Meet the STWM Staff! 

Anh Vuong-Phillpotts     

Charity Challenge Manager   

Anh has relentlessly guided the growth of Canada Running Series charitable activities over the past 5.5 years, building from a handful of small, local charities that often need lots of support and assistance - to over 185 charities in 2013. She's always joked that the Scotiabank Charity Challenge was her baby (STWM's grown from just under $1M in 2007 to over $4.3M in 2012), but she is NOW on maternity leave AWAITING the arrival of her soon to come baby!

When asked what she enjoys most about her job, her response "It's a great hybrid of supporting NFPs (not for profits) and their charitable causes & Event Planning! There's a direct connection between effort and result!"

She will greatly miss the excitement at CRS, but pledges to take part in one way or another - either through participation or volunteering during her year off! 
   Our fantastic sponsors!
Tips from a 60-marathon plus veteran

How Can I Run 42k When My Long Run is only 32k?


The frequency of injury increases as we extend the long run beyond the 32km (20-mile) mark. I've seen too many people push it to do 40-44 km in a long run only to see them come up with a disappointing time on marathon day. The reason is, they didn't give themselves enough time to recover from the extended long run.


Your training schedule is made up of base training, strength training and speed training. You train specifically in each phase (if following this kind of schedule), then on race day you put it all together and run the marathon. The taper phase of your training allows you to rest and recover from training and then perform to a higher degree on race day.


Another key ingredient on race day is your adrenaline level, which, together with the group support and the crowd, can carry you for that extra distance. 


One of the more experienced runners around, Running Room founder and owner, John Stanton provides weekly tips for getting through the marathon and half marathon.  


You can also take advantage of marathon, half marathon and 5k training clinics offered by the Running Room at all their locations and even online. 


Latest Updates

On the Road to STWM Episode 3: Joel the Charity Champion 
On the Road to STWM Episode 3: Joel the Charity Champion

Check out the latest amazing individual "On the Road to STWM"! Joel McLellan is raising money for Autism Dog Services as part of the Scotiabank Charity Challenge!

Marathon Flame Celebrations - You're All Invited!

All are invited to join us on Thursday, October 17th for the Official Flame Lighting & Opening Ceremonies! At 6:30pm in Alexander The Great Parkette, Mayor Iordanis Louizos of Marathon, Greece and a modern-day "Pheidippides" will deliver the Flame to Councillor Mary Fragedakis, Consul General Dimitris Azemopoulos, Race Director Alan Brookes and some of our Top Athletes.

Expo Guest Speaker Schedule!  

The schedule for the STWM Expo Speakers Series presented by Canadian Running Magazine is online now! Join us at the Direct Energy Centre on Friday, October 18th and Saturday, October 19th for presentations from CRS stars Krista DuChene, Eric Gillis, Reid Coolsaet & Rob Watson, running legends Ed Whitlock and Silvia Ruegger, Running Room's John Stanton and several of our Digital Champions! 


Invite your Family & Friends! 

Be sure to invite your family and friends out to cheer you on along the route! Check out our 12 great Neighbourhood Cheering & Entertainment Centres and plenty of other excellent viewing areas along the course!

Have family and friends from out of town? The 2013 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon will be broadcast LIVE to the world on and, with top international commentator Tim Hutchings! Check out our blog for all the details:

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon to be broadcast Live to the World  


The 2013 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon is only weeks away and the #STWM community is buzzing! Thousands of runners from all over the world are sharing their experiences online. Be sure to connect with your fellow runners and our Digital Champions on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Epilogger. Visit the STWM blog for all the latest updates! 

Scotiabank Charity Challenge 2013

Last year over $4.3 million was raised for 181 local charities! Go the distance for one of over 180 charities in this year's Scotiabank Charity Challenge!


All charity runners will receive a discounted entry fee and charities offer different incentives in appreciation for your support - from refunds for meeting a fundraising target, to fundraising prizes, to team t-shirts. What a win, win, win... you run in a world class race, you run at a discounted rate, and you help your favourite charity!


Check out some of these amazing stories from STWM this year:     



"The devotion required to run 42.2K pales in comparison to the endurance required of a child facing a terminal illness. On October 20th, I want to show them that their courage inspires their families, their determination inspires superheroes, and their endurance inspires me."


Running to Honour the Heroes at SickKids Hosptial  

"I am the son of George McGrath, a soon to be 57 year old seemingly healthy individual up until 7 weeks ago. George was screened for colon cancer and when it came back positive, we were stunned as a family. I decided to run the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon (half-marathon portion) and raise funds for the Colorectal cancer Association of Canada. At first it was only me and I had modest goals until I recruited 4 great friends of mine to join in and make a team of 5. All of my friends have a strong personal tie to my father so it was natural for them to want to join and help out. We set the lofty goal of raising $10,000 before October 20th."


"Just when I felt defeated and was ready to accept that running may not be a part of my future, a lyric played loudly through my earbuds:  "I've been knocked down, but I've got one more fight." I paused and thought for a moment. Breast cancer will not define me, I told myself. It's my turn. So I wiped away the tears, reminded myself that I am not my body, and started running again." 


Take a moment to choose from one of the above or the 180+ others... select yours by clicking on their logo and start fundraising and training today for YOUR marathon win, win, win! 


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Gotta Run!
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