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Pamper These Puppies!
Most of us take our feet for granted, walking and running on them every day without thinking about them. But when you hear running experts go on about having good shoes, doesn't it make sense that our FEET are also in good shape to sustain us for miles?


You know it does. So what can you do to ensure your feet perform? Here are some tried and true tips.


-keep toenails short (so they don't dig into

  adjacent toes)

-check for callouses and file them

-check for plantar warts and see a

  chiropodist about removal

-check for corns and use medicated pads on them

-get a foot massage as regularly as you can

- find a runner friend who will swap foot 



Blisters are a problem any time and even more so on long runs. To help with this try:

- Blister prevention materials like patches with Compeed or similar friction substances

- Vaseline around the toes, forefoot, upper foot at the bend and Achilles Heel

- Get other helpful products at Running Room stores

- Even bandaids on potential hot spots can help


Once you have a blister you'll want to try drug store treatments or the old antiseptic/match/needle combo to break blisters.


One more tip: People who work at home tend to wear slippers or sandals a lot. Some people opt for sandals or loose shoes to commute to work in and thus have them on all day. These are bad for anyone's feet, never mind runners. Most people need more supportive shoes for most of the day so their feet stay used to a firm foundation and don't lose some of their form or strength.


Like the song says, be a 'sole' survivor!


Train With Us!
Next Tune-up Run, July 28


The Tune-Up Run program is designed to give you opportunities to hook up with other runners (and walkers) to train for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, Half or 5k.


Schedule for each run:


8:00-8:30am - Running Room staff open store - runners & walkers welcome


8:20am - Intro & brief talk ...with a brief welcome by the Waterfront staff and introduction to any Pace Bunnies on hand that day


8:30am - Group Runs & Walks


After run & walk - come back into the Running Room for water & Gatorade

Tune-Up Run # 3       [sorry, sold out]

Date: Sunday, July 28

Location: Beaches Running Room

*This Tune-up Run has a $30 entry fee with $20 going to Toronto East General Hospital Foundation


Tune-Up Run #4

Date: Sunday, August 18

Location: Whitby Running Room

Distances: Marathon-19k, Half-12k


Tune-Up Run #5

Date: Sunday, September 15

Location: Liberty Village Running Room

Distances: Marathon-23k, Half-12k


Meet Your Pace Bunnies
We have 30 Pace Bunnies set to guide you on race day for both the full and half marathon. Aiming to qualify for Boston? We have most times covered. Aiming to reach a milestone time? We probably have you covered. Here are a couple on the team:


troy R Troy Rowe, Markham, Marathon Pace Bunny for 3:05 Continuous.
Troy has been pacing 10k's, halfs & 30k's over the last few years... 
Jojo "Bunny" Herrera, Toronto, Half Marathon Pace Bunny for 1:30 Continuous.

"When you're racing you're competing with other runners, but with pacing...

Read more 


Our fantastic sponsors!
Tips from a 60-marathon plus veteran

Run/Walk combinations of 10:1 Work


Stress and rest is the foundation of all training programs. Stress makes us stronger. Rest provides recovery and a rebuilding improvement phase. A 1-minute brisk walk after 10 minutes of running provides a phase of active rest. Active rest keeps the runner moving forward. This active rest helps flush lactic acid out of the system.


As we approach our anaerobic threshold while running (85% of our maximum heart rate) our body starts producing lactic acid. This leaves us heavy-legged with a queasy stomach. Walk/run combinations help dissipate this lactic acid build up. Walk/run distributes the workload to various muscles, potentially helping to delay fatigue.


Sports medicine professionals all encourage stretching. Stretching yields supple muscles with improved range of motion. A fast, brisk walk break provides a gentle and specific stretch to the leg muscles. Walk breaks prevent a slow down in the long run, keeps the pace consistent and minimize injuries. Use run/walk combinations both on the long run day and on race day.

 john s - run 02 sm

One of the more experienced runners around, Running Room founder and owner, John Stanton provides weekly tips for getting through the marathon and half marathon.  


You can also take advantage of marathon, half marathon and 5k training clinics offered by the Running Room at all their locations and even online. 



Latest Updates


"Best Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon as yet. I loved the whole thing from packet pick-up to the very last minute of it. Loved it! Loved it!!!"

 - G.V.  



STWM Digital Champions Update

This week's "Road to #STWM" blog features great contributions from Digital Champions Cindy Johnson and Cory Pagett. Cindy discusses her experience training for her first full marathon and shares some of the tips she's picked up along the way!


I can't believe I am running a MARATHON!  


Cory explains how he discovered the event's capacity to raise awareness about causes that are important to him.


Keeping the "fun" in fundraising 


Be sure to connect with Cindy, Cory  and other Digital Champions on Twitter and visit the STWM blog for all the latest updates!


Metro's Couch to 42k Blog!

Five Metro Toronto staff members are in the middle of training for their first marathons at this October's Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. Follow along on the Couch to 42k Blog as they provide updates from their journey to STWM!


Walt's Running Room Tour

STWM Ambassador Walt is now on the road, stopping by Running Room locations across Ontario! He's made stops in Oakville, Burlington and Winston Churchill so far this week and photos from these dates are up on Facebook now. You can catch up with Walt in Guelph tonight, Port Credit on July 14, Newmarket on July 16, the Beaches on July 17 and Liberty Village on July 18! Don't miss out on the chance to get your hands on some official STWM gear provided by Brooks including hundreds of "In Training" shirts!

Scotiabank Charity Challenge 2013


Last year over $4.3 million was raised for 181 local charities! Go the distance for one of over 180 charities in this year's Scotiabank Charity Challenge!


Run or walk to support a great cause, or to simply give something back to your community.


All charity runners will receive a discounted entry fee and charities offer different incentives in appreciation for your support - from refunds for meeting a fundraising target, to fundraising prizes, to team t-shirts. What a win, win, win... you run in a world class race, you run at a discounted rate, and you help your favourite charity!


Check out these amazing Official Charities - click on the logo for more info:   


Make-A-Wish is a dynamic wish-granting organization that brings hope, strength and joy to children across Canada living with life-threatening medical conditions. By joining Team Make-A-Wish you can raise monies to support the wishes of courageous wish children. 


The MukiBaum Accessibility Foundation is a Toronto non-governmental organization which provides affordable, inclusive, community-focused support to children and adults with complex disabilities and their whole families. On October 20th, participants in the MukiBaum Foundation's Outreach programs and their families, staff, volunteers and community friends will come together for the 2013 Scotiabank Charity Challenge. Join Team Match Muki to be part of the fun.


The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation at University Health Network raises funds for breakthrough research, exemplary teaching and compassionate care at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and its research arm, the Ontario Cancer Institute, which includes The Campbell Family Cancer Research Institute and The Campbell Family Breast Cancer Research Institute. If you are passionate about Conquering Cancer, join hundreds of other like-minded people as we walk, run and raise funds to support vital programs and research.


Take a moment to choose from one of the above or the 180+ others... select yours by clicking on their logo and start fundraising and training today for YOUR marathon win, win, win! 


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