10k shirt - sm
10k shirt - sm
Charity Challenge
Go the distance for one of over 170 charities!

Find a cause that inspires you to train harder, race faster and feel even better after you cross the Finish Line!


Check out 3 of this year's Official Charities:

With the helping hands of donors, Adam House strives to make the newcomers feel they were being expected all along; like they have come home! Each year Adam House provides housing and assistance for as many as 250 refugee claimants from across the globe. Whether you are an experienced runner or will take part in your first race, we would be delighted to have you to join us in this fantastic Charity Challenge, and help us raise $25,000 towards assisting refugees in need.

Alternatives provides day programs that include life skills training, work opportunities, functional literacy education, in combination with a number of activities that promote healthy lifestyle and multi-sensory development. Join us for our 5K, half or full marathon in support of the ALTERNATIVES AMAZING ATHLETES and help us reach our goal of $50,000 to support additional resources and program development!

Run or walk the distance for "A Run To Remember" during the STWM Charity Challenge on October 19th!
The 3 main objectives of "A Run To Remember" are:
  1. To celebrate and honour the memory of our dear departed friends.
  2. To raise funds for a number of children's charities.
  3. To promote a healthier lifestyle.
Take a moment to choose from one of the above, or over 170 others... select yours and start fundraising and training today for YOUR marathon win, win, win!
Recommended Training Race
Toronto Island Run
Sunday, September 7, 2014
Come to the 34th Longboat Toronto Island Run. It's Toronto's oldest 10k race! Come spend the day on beautiful Toronto Island and race Longboat's 10k or 5k, watch the kids run the 1k fun run, enjoy a delicious BBQ and take home one of the many prizes. 
Be part of the tradition. Visit here.
Recommended Training Race
Perfectly timed to be your 'tune-up' race before the Scotiabank Waterfront races!

Do you have a plan?



Most of us plan a driving trip with certain stops along the way - cities, tourist spots, rest stops, great views. We could just jump in the car and drive and see what we will see from the highway but when we plan a trip well in advance we learn about cool spots to see or visit, we know how much driving we'll do each day and we book accommodation or attractions for each day. It's thought out so we get the most out of it.


The same, as you knew we were getting to it, goes for planning to do a marathon or half marathon. To get the most out of it and yourself, you need a plan or training schedule, your 'itinerary' to a successful race.


So do you have a plan in mind? Once you've registered for Waterfront, you have access to free training schedules on our website. Go to the 'Training Programs' page and choose your weapon from the variety offered or join a Running Room running clinic and get one. All plans are well thought out 'roadmaps' to your goal.


Do you have a time goal in mind or hope to qualify for Boston (this is a great race to do it at)?  You may need a custom training plan suited to your lifestyle and training regimen that targets you even more exactly. You may need a training group to do speed sessions or long runs with.


Without the plan you may wander around aimlessly, unfocused, unchallenged. Plan to get a plan.

Our fantastic sponsors!
FLAT and FAST, that's how most describe this event. Join us as we celebrate 25 Years Running (#25YearsRunning)!


Connect with the #STWM Community!  


Share your journey to STWM online and connect with other runners on our new social hub! Every time you post a message to twitter or upload a picture to Instagram with the #STWM tag, the content will appear amongst hundreds of other posts which will all come together to tell the story of YOUR journey to the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon.

"We're really #stoked, #pumped and #excited about the new #STWM Social Hub. Whether it's a training run update, a motivational message, a picture from the start line, or an exciting status from along the course, everything you share becomes part of our #STWM online community. Most importantly, YOU become part of our Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon community."
- Alan Brookes, STWM Race Director

STWM Digital Champions

Get to know our Digital Champions - a group of diverse, dedicated, and enthusiastic athletes, each with a unique story and running history to share.


Check out the latest posts from the team:


"So I ran in all new gear, with nutrition I hadn't trained with, without knowing what my pace was, with a waist pack on instead of my hydration pack. But I ran. For 42.2K I trusted that I had trained for this - that I was doing what I had set out to do."


 Honey, We Forgot My Race Gear! by Leanne Richardson (@RLeanne)


"Whatever your reasons are for lacing up and setting out on a 42.2 km journey, you are bound to stumble on some bumps along the way. As a veteran of over 80 marathons and many ultra marathons, I thought I would share some of the lessons I've learned on the road." 


Lessons Learned On The Road by Jean-Paul Bedard (@RunJPRun) 

 Tips from a 60-marathon plus veteran!


Running Room founder and owner, John Stanton, has been out there sweating, groaning and toiling his way through more than 60 marathons just so he could learn things from them to share with you!  Now you don't have to make the same mistakes, you can enjoy training more knowing that John will share tips with you that will help you become a better runner. 


Breathing and Running Form


Running tall and running relaxed will improve your running form. A relaxed, upright posture is the best running position. Your head, shoulders and hips up over your feet make it easier to move the whole body and improves your breathing. With "shoulders back, body relaxed" imagine a string attached to the centre of your chest leading you up a hill, pulling you up the hill.

 Shift your hips forward to keep your alignment and posture correct. Strong abdominal muscles maintain form - the very reason for those sit ups. Lead with your knees to keep your alignment correct and to prevent over striding. Concentrate on the correct push-off from the ankle with short fast steps, more of a shuffle.

Rather than breathing from your chest area, focus on belly breathing. Master your breathing technique will make you faster and more efficient. As your pace increases there is a tendency to over breathe, to feel as if you're gasping. Focus on exhaling rather than inhaling - the in breath will happen on its own involuntarily.  
Breathe in a manner that feels comfortable to you. 
And, of course, you can also take advantage of marathon, half marathon and 5k training clinics offered by the Running Room at all their locations and even on-line.

Free Monthly Tune-Up Runs!

tune up run  

The Tune-Up Run Program is designed to give you opportunities to hook up with other runners and walkers to train for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, Half-Marathon or 5k.

Schedule for each run: 
  • 8:00-8:30am - Running Room staff open the store. Runners & walkers welcome.
  • 8:20am - Intro & brief talk, with a quick welcome by the STWM staff.
  • 8:30am - Group runs & walks.
  • After run & walk - Come back into the Running Room for water & Gatorade.
Upcoming runs:


Tune-Up Run #2

Date:  THIS SUNDAY, July 27

Location: Beaches Running Room 
Distances: 20k, 10k, 5k
This Tune-up Run is now sold out. 
Tune-Up Run #3 

Date: Sunday, August 10
Location: Whitby Running Room
Distances: Marathon - 26k, Half - 10k
Confirm attendance

Tune-Up Run #4 
Date: Tuesday, August 19
Location: Mill St. Brew Pub
Distances: Marathon - 10k, Half - 8k
*19+ event, proper ID required
This Tune-up Run is now sold out.

Tune-Up Run #5
Date: Sunday, September 14
Location: Downtown Yonge Running Room (53 Yonge St.)
Distances: Marathon - 23k, Half - 12k
Confirm attendance

Walt's Running Room Tour!


Walt is touring Running Room locations across Ontario to get people excited about STWM! Catch up with him as he visits Aurora on July 24, Kitchener on July 29, Burlington on July 30 & Brampton on July 31!
Here's your chance to  #WinWithWalt as he gives away official STWM & Brooks training gear!

Volunteers Appreciated
Can't run STWM this year?  
VOLUNTEER instead and join the race from the other side!

  kit pickup 

Positions to fill (adults preferred):
- Course marshals
- Kit pick-up
- Finish Line


Positions to fill (high school students welcome as a school group or individually):
- Water stations
- Race Expo
- Kit Stuffing


Visit our 'Volunteer Page' for details and to sign up.
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Gotta Run!
The Team at Canada Running Series 

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