10k shirt - sm
10k shirt - sm
Charity Challenge
Go the distance for one of over 170 charities!

Find a cause that inspires you to train harder, race faster and feel even better after you cross the Finish Line!


Check out 3 of this year's Official Charities:

Come join Canadian Roots Exchange and support youth in our communities! Canadian Roots Exchange provides Aboriginal based leadership programs, learning and reconciliation experiences to every youth that participates in our programs. The money raised will go towards travel and participation bursaries for youth who face financial barriers to access our programs. Check out our fundraising rewards here

NeuroEndocrine Cancer (also known as "NET" cancer), affects approximately 15,000 Canadians. CNETS Canada offers in-person, phone and computer-based patient support plus free patient education materials and sessions nationwide. Join "Team Zebra" for a 5k walk/run, half-marathon or marathon, and help build awareness of NET cancer while raising money to fight it!

Carefirst Foundation is committed to fundraise for Carefirst Seniors & Community Services association to provide stable and quality community services to those in need. Your contributions will support the capital development of the Carefirst "One-stop Access Multi-services Centre" in Scarborough. This project will not only address social and health care needs, but will also help to build a healthier and enriched community for us all!
Take a moment to choose from one of the above, or over 170 others... select yours and start fundraising and training today for YOUR marathon win, win, win!
Recommended Training Race
Toronto Island Run
Sunday, September 7, 2014
Come to the 34th Longboat Toronto Island Run. It's Toronto's oldest 10k race! Come spend the day on beautiful Toronto Island and race Longboat's 10k or 5k, watch the kids run the 1k fun run, enjoy a delicious BBQ and take home one of the many prizes. 
Be part of the tradition. Visit here.
Recommended Training Race
Toronto 10-Miler & 5k

Perfectly timed to be a 'tune-up' race three weeks before the Scotiabank Waterfront races!

Pamper these Puppies


footMost of us take our feet for granted - or if on rock - we take them for granite!  But when you hear running experts go on about having good shoes, doesn't it make sense that our FEET are also in good shape to sustain us for miles?


You know it does.  So what can you do to ensure your feet perform? Here are some tried and true tips.


-       Keep toenails short (so they don't dig into adjacent toes)

-       Check for callouses and file them

-       Check for plantar warts and see a chiropodist about removal

-       Check for corns and use medicated pads on them

-       Get a foot massage as regularly as you can - find a runner friend who will swap massages


Blisters are a problem any time and more so on long runs so to help with this try:

- blister prevention materials like patches with Compeed or similar friction substances

- Vaseline around the toes, forefoot, upper foot at the bend and Achilles Heel

- Get other helpful products at running stores

- Even bandaids on potential hot spots can help


Once you have a blister you'll want to try drug store treatments or the old antiseptic/match/needle combo to break blisters.


One more tip: People who work at home tend to wear slippers or sandals a lot. Or some people opt for sandals or loose shoes to commute to work in and thus have them on all day. All bad for anyone's feet never mind runners.  Most people need more supportive shoes for most of the day so their feet stay used to a firm foundation and don't lose some of their form or strength.


Like the song says, be a 'sole' survivor!

About Toronto

The world's longest street, Yonge Street, starts at the City's lakeshore, and heads north for 1,896 km (1185 mi.).


There are 1500 parks and 8,000 hectares of parklands - (ravines, valleys, woodlots, waterfront natural areas, parks and farmland), or 18.1 per cent of city's area. There are also 187 km of bike paths (runners can use them too!), 7.8 km of pedestrian paths, and 3 million publicly owned trees. It is a paradise for runners. 


307 km of rivers and creeks run through the city; all flow into Lake Ontario and are part of the Atlantic Ocean Drainage Basin.


Our fantastic sponsors!
FLAT and FAST, that's how most describe this event. Join us as we celebrate 25 Years Running (#25YearsRunning)!


Share your STWM Story and WIN!  


Do you have an inspirational, funny, or engaging STWM story that you want to share? Canadian Running Magazine wants to hear from YOU!

Enter their 25 YEARS RUNNING CONTEST for your chance to win a STWM Brooks Running jacket, complimentary entry to the race, and your story featured in Canadian Running magazine!
Full contest details here. Read Week Two winner Jenny Chan's story here

Dylan Wykes & Kate Bazeley confirmed for STWM!



Dylan Wykes will make his third appearance at STWM, just five days before his wife is due to give birth to their first child! Will Jermone Drayton's record (2:10:09) finally fall? Will Dylan get his race in before the baby comes? Read the full story on our blog.

Canadian women's distance running has ascended to new heights in recent years and the latest talent to emerge is the 'Pride of the Rock', Kate Bazeley. After winning the BMO Vancouver Half-Marathon in May and finishing second to Lanni Marchant at the Scotiabank Vancouver Half-Marathon in June, she'll be aiming for a PB at STWM this October! Read the full story on our blog.

So many great things to chat about and look forward to this Fall! 

STWM Digital Champions


Get to know our Digital Champions - a group of diverse, dedicated, and enthusiastic athletes, each with a unique story and running history to share.

Check out the latest posts from the team:


"Yes, that's right: I'm running for beer! 42K for 24 beers. My prize if I'm fast enough. To do so I need to run faster than than Race Director, Alan Brookes did some 31 years before! 2:34:39 or better. Not my personal best time, but the time I nonetheless will aim to beat at STWM."


42 for 24 by Dan Way (@DansWay07)


"I found joy in having both a mind and body powerful enough to push me up hills and across psychotic distances in all extremes of weather. I loved that I love myself when I run and that I was outrunning all the lifestyle choices and bouts of depression that could've killed me."


Joy: The Run Diary by Ravi Singh (@RaviMatSingh )


 Tips from a 60-marathon plus veteran!

John Stanton  

Running Room founder and owner, John Stanton, has been out there sweating, groaning and toiling his way through more than 60 marathons just so he could learn things from them to share with you!  Now you don't have to make the same mistakes, you can enjoy training more knowing that John will share tips with you that will help you become a better runner. 



Shoe Types

 Motion control shoes, for runners whose feet roll in, with low arches, knees move towards each other in a bending position. Foot strikes on the outside of the heel and rolls inward excessively. This runner needs a firm midsole and a sturdy heel counter.

Cushioning shoes are for runners whose feet roll to the outside, arches are high or rigid, and knees stay neutral or move outwards through foot strike. They wear their shoes on the outside of the sole. This runner should wear a cushioning shoe with a flexible forefoot and no motion control features.

Stability shoes are for runners with a normal sized arch, lands on the outside of the heel and then moderately rolls inward. They have a semi- flexible arch and their knees roll in slightly when bent. Require extra cushioning and some degree of stability no excessive pronation.

Minimalist shoes are for runners who don't want a lot of cushioning or support, they want their foot to land and roll naturally. Moving to these is a gradual process, mind you, so exercise caution.if adding them to your workouts.

The fit of your shoe is most important it should fit snugly particularly in the heel cup if you want to avoid ankle and knee problems. You should be able to wiggle your toes at the front of the shoe. 


And, of course, you can also take advantage of marathon, half marathon and 5k training clinics offered by the Running Room at all their locations and even on-line.

Free Monthly Tune-Up Runs!

tune up run  

The Tune-Up Run Program is designed to give you opportunities to hook up with other runners and walkers to train for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, Half-Marathon or 5k.

Schedule for each run: 
  • 8:00-8:30am - Running Room staff open the store. Runners & walkers welcome.
  • 8:20am - Intro & brief talk, with a quick welcome by the STWM staff.
  • 8:30am - Group runs & walks.
  • After run & walk - Come back into the Running Room for water & Gatorade.
Upcoming runs:
Tune-Up Run #3 

Date:  THIS Sunday, August 10
Location: Whitby Running Room
Distances: Marathon - 26k, Half - 10k
Confirm attendance

Tune-Up Run #4 
Date: Tuesday, August 19
Location: Mill St. Brew Pub
Distances: Marathon - 10k, Half - 8k
*19+ event, proper ID required
This Tune-up Run is now sold out.

Tune-Up Run #5
Date: Sunday, September 14
Location: Downtown Yonge Running Room (53 Yonge St.)
Distances: Marathon - 23k, Half - 12k
Confirm attendance

Volunteers Appreciated
Can't run STWM this year?  
VOLUNTEER instead and join the race from the other side!

  kit pickup 

Positions to fill (adults preferred):
- Course marshals
- Kit pick-up
- Finish Line

Positions to fill (high school students welcome as a school group or individually):

- Water stations
- Race Expo
- Kit Stuffing

Visit our 'Volunteer Page' for details and to sign up.

10k shirt - sm
Gotta Run!
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