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Walk 5k: Beginner

(Recorded in Minutes) • Training Information / Schedule Key

Week Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Total
10 Oct-7 Oct-8 Oct-9 Oct-10 Oct-11 Oct-12 Oct-13 4:27:00
0:42 0:45 0:45 OFF 0:45 0:45 0:45
Active Walking Active Walking Active Walking   Active Walking Active Walking Active Walking
11 Oct-14 Oct-15 Oct-16 Oct-17 Oct-18 Oct-19 Oct-20 0:45:00
Active Walking            
Pace Schedule
Step Rate
Pace Per km
Pace Per Mi
Approx. time for
5k (min:sec)
90 3:22 18:38 2 30 93:15
115 4:02 14:55 2.5 24 74:40



Training Information

Stroll: We encourage all walkers to take pace breaks — periods of gentle walking of any kind — as a recovery from the briskness of the periods of effort.

Note: Your actual speed and steps will vary depending on technique, terrain and leg length.


Active Walking

Walk Speed Category - Active: Relaxed/Normal

Health Walking

This technique is used in our base training phase in our training program. This is the term used for normal walking done as a lifestyle choice. It is a term we use in our walking programs for normal walking. Active walking can be an introduction to increased fitness. It also gets you around. You are essentially walking for health. Most of your walks will be at your normal walking pace with little focus on time and pace. This category fits most people. It is the foundation of our programs, whether you are new to walking, want to lose weight or want to advance to our other walking programs. The goal at this stage is to keep a consistent pace and work on establishing a regular walking routine, building up to three to four times a week.


Normal Walking/Recovery Period During Training

We encourage all walkers to take pace breaks, a period of gentle walking, used as a recovery from the brisk walk efforts. This stress followed by rest is the principle of all training programs. Think of rest as part of any good training program.