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Free TUNE-UP TRAINING RUNS at Running Room for 2014 Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon & Half

tune up run

The Tune-Up Run program is designed to give you four opportunities to hook up with other runners (and walkers) to train for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon.

Each run also offers a brief talk before you head out from one of the race organizers or from a special guest. They will provide tips and info, and after the run, free drinks for participants will be offered.

Whether you're training on your own or in a Running Room Clinic, the Tune-Up runs will provide you with a GREAT opportunity to come out and go for an easy training run with a bunch of folks training for October 19 as well.

The runs will also be led by some of the official STWM Pacers who'll be running with you on race day so you can meet them ahead of time so you know who to look for at the start line!

Dates & Locations Coming Soon

Schedule for each run

  • 8:00–8:30am — Running Room staff open store — runners & walkers welcome
  • 8:20am — Intro & brief talk …with a brief welcome by the Waterfront staff
  • 8:30am — Group Runs & Walks
  • After run & walk — come back into the Running Room for water & Gatorade

Responsibility of Runners

  • Know the distance you should go that day
  • Have your own watch if planning to keep track of run time
  • Carry fluid (if fountains are along a planned route, it will be noted with route info, but for any run over 40 minutes, bring your own fluid).


Running Room stores have numerous routes already mapped out from their individual stores. If you want to check Tune-Up Run routes and print them out in advance, see the Dates & Locations schedule above. Maps will be posted one (1) week prior to the tune-up run date.


Pacing... we follow schedules that have graduated long run distances but for pacing we recommend you use a GPS watch, a heart rate monitor where you keep to a 70-75% of your max, or the old 'talk test' method where you run at a pace that allows you to speak in a conversational way (not a broken up speech pattern)… the fitter you are, the faster you can go and speak in a conversational way.