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Meet your Pacer Team before the race! Join them at the Running Room International Friendship Run on Saturday October 20th.

Arrival Time: 9:00 a.m.

Where: Hall D, Enercare Centre, 100 Princes’ Blvd.

Route: An easy 3k run. View route map here. 

Please RSVP here

Marathon Pacers

Time Pacer
Jeff Conron 3:10 Continuous
Qifeng Rico Weng 3:10 Continuous
Wei Zhang 3:20 Continuous
Ray Chen 3:25 Continuous
Jon Belcher 3:30 Continuous
Chris Chivers 3:35 Continuous
Yang Zhao 3:40 Continuous
Jason Ng 3:45 Continuous
Tony Xu 3:50 Continuous
Pei Weng 3:55 Continuous
Tony Machado 4:00 Continuous
Toussaint Xavier 4:00 Run/Walk
John Sacco 4:10 Run/Walk
Amar Sandhu 4:25 Continuous
Wayne Du 4:25 Run/Walk
Gary Dixon 4:40 Run/Walk
Ning Zhao 4:55 Run/Walk
Harmander Singh 5:10 Run/Walk

Half Marathon Pacers

Time Pacer
Jowenne Herrera 1:30 Continuous
Troy Rowe 1:40 Continuous
Eric Cheung 1:45 Continuous
Xi Chen 1:50 Continuous
Ed Xin Shi 2:00 Continuous
Bryan Gerson 2:00 Continuous
Madonna Howell 2:00 Continuous
Anna Chu 2:00 Run/Walk
Mark Wigmore 2:00 Run/Walk
Kathryn Mattis 2:15 Continuous
Richard Pencer 2:15 Continuous
Brett Kyle 2:15 Run/Walk
Stephie Leung 2:15 Run/Walk
Zhong Chen 2:30 Continuous
Sandra Chu 2:30 Continuous
Alison Higgins 2:30 Run/Walk
Andrew Lin 2:30 Run/Walk
Gary Morgan 2:45 Continuous
Livia Zhang 3:00 Run/Walk