Guinness World Records

*Information about 2020 coming soon!*

GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™, the global authority on record-breaking achievement, has partnered with the 2019 Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, to provide record-breaking hopefuls with on-site record attempt verification to make race day even more memorable for the ninth year in a row!

Sixteen runners achieved fourteen official Guinness World Records through tremendous achievements during the race including Fastest half marathon dressed as a fruit (male), Fastest half marathon in a martial arts suit (male), Fastest half marathon skipping without a rope (male) and Fastest marathon dressed in a baseball uniform (male). 

Post Race Press Release – STWM 2019

Melvin Nyairo, Fastest Half Marathon dressed as a fruit (male), 1:15:35, October 20th, 2019

Jeff Mescal, Fastest Marathon dressed in a baseball uniform (male), 2:56:46, October 20th, 2019

Bruno Gustavo Macaneiro, Fastest Marathon dressed in a football/soccer kit (male), 3:28:34, October 20th, 2019

Omar Rosas Trujillo, Fastest Marathon dressed as an Aztec (male), 3:40:18, October 20th, 2019