How do I upload my STWM relay team results?

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To prepare to upload your team’s results, please assign each team member to a Segment (Leg 1, Leg 2, Leg 3, or Leg 4). 

  1. Go to results link
  2. Choose your event distance (Marathon Relay Virtual Race)
  3. Click “Submit a virtual result”
  4. Add your results by inputting your time for your segment
  5. You can upload a screenshot or photo to show the distance and time you completed (segments are assumed to be 10.55km unless shown in screenshot)
  6. Read and accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
  7. You’re Done! You can now see your results on the Marathon Relay Results page, and search for your teammates by name or team name

Note, if you are completing more than one run to complete your segment distance, you can update your time as you go using the above steps. You will need to input the cumulative time.

Why isn’t my Race Kit Ready on October 1st?

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We know you’re excited to get your race kit, and we can’t wait to get it to you! With October 1st being the start of the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon Virtual Race, we wanted to give you an update about your medal and shirt.  

When we placed our shirt order for this race at the very start of 2020, we expected they would arrive in time for our original in-person event scheduled for October 18th. Then, the world changed. COVID-19 has created global delays in both the production and shipping of your race shirts.  While we are working hard with New Balance to ensure the race shirts are delivered by our original event date, we wanted to let you know that race kits will not be available until the end of October. 

Rest assured, as soon as the shirts arrive at our warehouse, our team will get to work packing your race kits which will also include your finisher’s medal and other fun items from our sponsors! We know that having a shirt and medal to celebrate your virtual race is important and we are doing everything we can to get you your race kits as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience. 

Will the shirts and medals be mailed out internationally?

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Yes, they will be mailed out internationally no later than November 27th, however, international participants will need to pay a shipping fee which can be purchased through your Race Roster account.  

US participants – $10* 

All other international participants – $20* 

Please note, the wait times to receive your shirt and medal might be longer due to restrictions in place in different countries. 

*Participants who were registered to run the in-person STWM event and selected virtual will not be required to pay any additional shipping charges. 

When will I get my shirt and medal if I run the virtual race?

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Missed your pick-up:
For those that selected a pick-up location (office, warehouse or Running Room store) and were not able to stop by to collect your race kit, we are in the process of packaging these kits to be mailed via Canada Post. These packages will be dropped off at Canada post by November 25th. Due to the high volume of mailings Canada Post is currently processing, you may experience a delay in receiving your kit. We appreciate your patience.

Waiting for a delivery:
Canada Running Series staff are out daily in the GTHA hand delivering kits and expect to be finished by November 25th.

International shipping:
Packages being shipped internationally will be sent by November 27th. Due to the high volume of packages being sent, we have been advised that these can take 4-12 weeks to arrive.

If you have any other questions about your race kit, please reach out to our customer service team at

How do I input my results?

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Once you’ve completed your race between October 1st and November 21st at 11:59pm, follow these steps to input your results to Race Roster. 

  1. Go to your Participant Dashboard 
  2. Find the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon Virtual Race 
  3. Click on “Post Your Result” 
  4. Choose your distance and input your time (input a number for hours, minutes and seconds; use 0 if needed.) 
  5. Click “Submit Results” and you’re done! 

You can edit your race result if you improve your time, but please be mindful that this may not be the time to run a PB. Run well within your ability to keep yourself and those around you safe.    

Once your results are uploaded to Race Roster, you will have the chance to win some awesome prizes from our race partners! Prizing will be based on participation, not performance, so everyone has an equal chance of winning.    

Where can I run the Virtual Race?

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Wherever you are! The joy of running a Virtual Race is you can start it right outside your front door. In order to avoid crowds and to adhere to social distancing guidelines, we urge that you not run the original route. Please follow the guidelines outlined by your local government regarding running outdoors to ensure you are keeping yourself and your community safe. Follow normal street lights and traffic regulations like any typical solo training run you do.