Can I participate with…

By July 22, 2018Course
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… a Camelbaks?

Yes. Camelbaks® and any type of hydration backpack including Fuel belts and hand-held water bottles are allowed.

…a headphones /listen to music?

Yes, you are allowed to wear headphones during the race. If you are wearing headphones, please keep them at a low volume so you can hear instructions from race officials and/or emergency personnel.

…my Garmin GPS or my Nike Plus device?


The GPS watches can sometimes have issues in the downtown core with all of the tall buildings. The certified course verified by a world renowned course measurer, where 2 people ride the course on bikes and measure out the course and where to put the markers exactly.

… Nordic Poles?

Yes. Nordic Poles are allowed in all distances.

What is NOT allowed on the course?

  • baby carriers,
  • skateboards,
  • roller blades,
  • Kangoo Jump shoes,
  • animals/ pets / dogs
  • unauthorized bicycles and wheeled devices