When will I get my shirt and medal if I run the virtual race?

By July 13, 2020Post-Race
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Missed your pick-up:
For those that selected a pick-up location (office, warehouse or Running Room store) and were not able to stop by to collect your race kit, we are in the process of packaging these kits to be mailed via Canada Post. These packages will be dropped off at Canada post by November 25th. Due to the high volume of mailings Canada Post is currently processing, you may experience a delay in receiving your kit. We appreciate your patience.

Waiting for a delivery:
Canada Running Series staff are out daily in the GTHA hand delivering kits and expect to be finished by November 25th.

International shipping:
Packages being shipped internationally will be sent by November 27th. Due to the high volume of packages being sent, we have been advised that these can take 4-12 weeks to arrive.

If you have any other questions about your race kit, please reach out to our customer service team at info@canadarunningseries.com