Aura Freedom

Aura Freedom is a grassroots women’s organization that works to end gender-based violence and human trafficking in Canada through education, advocacy and survivor support.Through awareness, education, policy change, research, training, and partnership-building, Aura Freedom has implemented powerful projects addressing violence against women and girls and human trafficking in Canada and beyond.

Aura Freedom’s work has advanced gender equality, empowered marginalized women and given survivors of gender-based violence and human trafficking access to life-saving services. Aura Freedom is a champion for grassroots action seeking to create long-lasting, systemic change. We believe that education is the most powerful tool we can use to end violence and exploitation. Our work highlights how gender inequality, racism, colonialism and other root causes contribute to violence against women and girls and how equality can bring about positive change for everyone.Ending gender-based violence will bring Canada increased health, wealth, peace, and climate justice. When you break a woman down, you break down her family and entire community. But when women and girls are healthy and safe, their families and communities thrive. When countries consider the rights of women and girls a national priority, those countries flourish.Ending gender-based violence will benefit everyone.Join us today to end it for good.