Bereaved Families of Ontario-Toronto

Bereaved Families of Ontario-Toronto’s (BFO-Toronto) mission is to inspire hope and healing for those on their grief journey by providing peer-to-peer mutual support.

Our goal is to raise $15,000. Reaching our goal will provide bereavement support to:

  • 10 children & 10 adolescents who have lost their mom, dad, or close family member.
  • 10 parents who have lost their child.
  • 10 young adults who have lost their parent or sibling.
  • 50 widows or widowers.

Life is not a sprint but a marathon.

BFO-Toronto believes it is a journey best taken together. Each step is a move forward and the greatest accomplishment isn’t to be the first to cross the finish line; it is the step to begin the journey towards the “new normal”.

Please join our team; or sponsor our team or a team member. Your help will ensure that bereaved members of our community, receive free grief support as they go on living without their loved one. if you raise over $500 for our team, we will reimburse your entrance fee. Thank you!