Fragile X Research Foundation of Canada

The FXRFC is dedicated to raising awareness of and funding research for Fragile X Syndrome – the most common form of intellectual impairment in the world and the leading known genetic cause of Autism.

We’re a 100% volunteer organization run by parents and professionals who have a family member with Fragile X Syndrome. We actively fund research and clinical trials within Canada. Almost every dollar raised goes directly to research.

On Sunday, October 21st Fragile X Team Toronto will lace up our shoes again and run for Fragile X. Fragile X Team Toronto has established itself as one of the best STWM Charity Challenge teams. Fragile X Team Toronto has risen well over $250,000 in six years and so many great memories. Join us and help make a difference for Fragile X research!

Contact Team Captains Jennifer Williams or Ian Shearer at or call 416-706-4580 for more information and any questions – and join Fragile X Team Toronto!

CHARITY CONTACT or (416) 706-4580