Lumenus Community Services

The vision of Lumenus Community Services is to provide excellent, accessible and integrated mental health, developmental and community services. Where there are gaps we will create seamless connections – where there are obstacles or barriers, we will improve access. Where there is worry, there will be hope. We will do this in collaboration with our clients and partners. Join #TeamLumenus, help us raise $40,000 which WILL create hundreds of hours of FREE counselling services for our community. That is the bright future of Lumenus – where every client has the opportunity to be seen, be heard and to be well.

Between August to October we plan to have a number of initiatives that consist of early bird registrations to join #TeamLumenus as fundraisers, bi-monthly raffle contests with all the proceeds to go towards Lumenus 40K marathon goal, and creating a mental wellness walking club to encourage staff members and the community to take breaks and bond as a community.

CHARITY CONTACT or (416) 592-0337