Myles Ahead, Advancing Child & Youth Mental Health

A legacy charity formed in memory of Myles Kulperger, Myles Ahead is dedicated to advancing child & youth mental health through partnership & collaborative efforts to create, enhance and scale best practice and evidence based initiatives designed to support:

  • Families and carers as they navigate the system for appropriate mental health supports
  • Expedited access to mental health services
  • Transforming the culture of the classrooms and schools towards greater empathy and compassion

Having lost my 11 year old son, I felt compelled to do something to change the systems that caused such frustration for me during his too short life. My experience of supporting my son navigate educational, medical and community services showed me that there are significant gaps in our understanding of child & youth mental health and across the systems that are needed to support children like my Myles. Working with other organizations with this shared vision, we WILL fill the gaps.

RUN MYLES AHEAD to Advance Child & Youth Mental Health!
(Myles Ahead cap & shirt will be provided.)