Sancta Maria House

For over 59 years Sancta Maria House agency has provided residential care and aftercare services for young women in crisis, impacted by family conflict; physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse; mental health issues and cultural adjustment. We respect and promote an understanding and acceptance of differences. Each young woman arrived at our doors looking for the sanctuary, healing and hope that we offer to them. The fund raised will go to the direct care of the young women we serve.

Sancta Maria House has recently engaged a person with senior fundraising experience, funded by one of our core supporters to help us develop and implement a fundraising building plan. A Catholic priest who is a marathoner has volunteered to run the marathon on behalf of the agency. We believe that his effort and his appeal for support will provide a strong call to action and will raise our profile and assist in fundraising and friend building.

CHARITY CONTACT or (647) 801-7333