St. Matthew’s Run for Refugees

St. Matthew's Run for Refugees

In 2015 the people of St. Matthew’s decided that it is time. It is time to look beyond our walls, beyond our own lives and reach out to people far away living in despair and hopelessness. We started Riverdale Refugee Initiative to be of stewardship to people thousands of miles away, unable to live in their own homes, forced to flee and to rely on the handouts of aid agencies.

This October our goal is to raise $2,500 for the Riverdale Refugee Initiative. This will cover some of the legal expenses of the immigration sponsorship costs that are associated with relocating a family to begin a new life in Canada.

Starting in September 2018, we will meet weekly to train for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront races. Join our group for runs and stay for the coffee. Everyone and all levels are welcome. Check our website for more information.

St. Matthew's Run for Refugees

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