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A runner and busy working mom of three girls, Melanie is making a change in the community. She created Black Runners of the GTA on Instagram to highlight runners of colour in her community and to tell stories that create inclusivity. Highlighting the need for inclusivity in the running world, Melanie has worked closely with Canada Running Series to increase the visibility of BIPOC runners.

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Starting her journey in 2018 running 5K charity runs for 5 months in a row, Jess has continued to use running as a way to challenge herself and create awareness while doing it. Now a teacher, Jess has a deep passion for education, social justice, and mental health/wellness. When covid hit, Jess pivoted to virtual runs and her 2021 goal is to run as many charity virtual runs as she can over the entire year.

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Virginia has been in the Toronto fitness industry for over 15 years. Believing life is all about balance, she is a big proponent of eating both nutritiously and for enjoyment. Working on her personal goal of #50by50 (50 marathons by age 50), she is the only woman to have run every single Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon!

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Bernard has been celebrating his birthday in creative ways for a few years. So, for his 42nd birthday, Bernard wanted to do something special to commemorate the number 42 – the marathon distance in kilometres. On his 42nd birthday in February, Bernard kicked off Project 42.42.42 with the goal of running a marathon each week for 42 weeks! Building community as he runs, Bernard is a beacon for those looking to achieve big things.

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Having grown up surrounded by music, Anthony is an incredible musician and has played parties for the likes of Bill Clinton, Shakira, Eugene Levy, Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Elton John. Anthony picked up running during the pandemic as a way to get healthier and ran the virtual Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon in 2020 as his very first marathon. This year’s in-person 10K will be Anthony’s first-ever in-person race!

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Quinton is an all-in dad of three kids, running enthusiast, lululemon ambassador, and community leader. He has run multiple World Major Marathons, including the Boston Marathon, and competed in Comrades, a 90km ultra-marathon in South Africa. Leading by example, Quinton is heavily involved in giving back. Founder of Lead Up Crew, a mentoring program for young women focused on inspiring connection, he is also the co-founder of Escape to New York & Chicago and a run coach for Kickback Connect. Creating community connection runs through his veins!

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Brittany reluctantly started running as a child when her twin sister joined their mom on her short training runs. Not wanting to be left out, Britt joined them and hasn’t looked back since. Having run track in university for Western, now being the city lead for Midnight Runners Toronto and working for Canadian Running as a writer – Brittany knows running!

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Kevin’s running journey all started when he was hit by a car and flew through the air 100 meters, landing on his head. Today, he can proudly say that he has run over 7 marathons and has competed with some of the top Canadian runners. As a coach for Mile 2 Marathon, Kevin loves seeing his athletes achieve their goals.

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