Event Alert System

The Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon will be using a colour-coded Event Alert System (EAS) at this year’s event to communicate the status of course conditions to event staff, participants and volunteers leading up to and on race day.

The levels range from Low (GREEN) to Moderate (YELLOW) to High (RED) to Extreme (BLACK) based on a variety of factors, including weather conditions.

All event staff, participants and volunteers should familiarize themselves with the Event Alert System colour indicators prior to the race, remain alert for directions from race officials, announcers and volunteers and take precautions to prepare for varying weather conditions on race day.

Over Race Weekend, event staff, participants and volunteers should stay tuned to the current Event Alert System status via email, announcements and the colour-coded flags at the Information Booth at the Health & Fitness Expo on Friday & Saturday prior to race day and via the Information Tent at the Pre-Race Areas and at each of the Aid Stations along the course.

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