Balancing Strain & Recovery with Canada’s Newest Kinesiology Tape: HEALI

By September 30, 2021Uncategorised

Any runner will tell you that keeping your body in optimal condition and having the right gear to do so can make all the difference. A proper training regime will inevitably help performance and bring success come race day. Whether you are a beginner or a marathon regular, putting in the required mileage to get your body trained to running distances can often lead to muscles getting overworked and less than ideal recovery periods.

It’s no secret that runners often find it hard to balance perfectly the constant oscillation between periods of strain and periods of recovery. For athletes on tight schedules this dynamic can prove challenging, but a new product from a Canadian upstart might just have the product to help you achieve the right balance.

HEALI Medical Co. is a Canadian company founded by two female entrepreneurs; Heather Sloan, a chiropractor and Enwei Li, a TCM practitioner. HEALI’S first product – an innovative sports tape – is the first tape to embed natural healing and pain relief ingredients directly into a chic designer sports tape. Before HEALI TapePRO, people had to choose between taping for stability and creams for pain relief and healing. HEALI TapePRO provides stability and is infused with menthol and magnesium to promote healing of soft tissue injuries. The menthol provides a cooling sensation that can help relieve pain and the magnesium promotes muscle relaxation and recovery. This combination is unique in the market.

HEALI Tape is functional and fashionable. With nine designer tapes, the product supports runner performance without compromising on style and personal expression. The perfect companion for tapering athletes who have worked through a hard summer of training, HEALI tape brings stability and healing power with style.

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