Guinness World Records


GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™, the global authority on record-breaking achievement, has partnered with the 2024 TCS Toronto Waterfront Marathon, to provide record-breaking hopefuls with on-site record attempt verification – through Canada Running Series Staff –  to make race day even more memorable! Certificates will be mailed out post-event by Guinness World Records, upon receipt and approval of your full application and all of the applicant’s race evidence.

Seventeen participants achieved ten official Guinness World Records through tremendous achievements during the 2023 race including Fastest half marathon dressed as an elf (male), Fastest half marathon dressed as a train engineer (female), Fastest marathon in highland dress (male) and Fastest marathon dressed in a 5 person costume. 

APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN for 2024! The deadline to apply is Friday October 4th, 2024. Apply and find your record title below.

GWR Record Titles List - 2024
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