How to get Your Best Post Race Recovery!

By October 16, 2023Athletes

By Dr. Britt Moran

How to get your best post race recovery !

It’s true that you can only train as hard as you can recover, and post race recovery is KEY. It’s important to understand that race recovery is not only about recovering from the race itself, but from the entire training cycle, whether you hit your race goals or not.

Once you’ve finished your race, the very first thing you do is celebrate. You did it ! While celebrating, remember to refuel & rehydrate in order to jump start your short term recovery.

Immediately after the race your stomach may be struggling with some “gel induced” gut rot, so it’s vital to get some proper fuel in your system as soon as possible. While your stomach might not be quite ready for more than the complimentary banana and granola bar, you can focus on immediate rehydration with Organika Electrolytes Recovery which helps replenish lost minerals. Once your stomach settles, be sure to take in (mostly) good calories at a regular cadence throughout the rest of the day.

Once you’ve started refueling, do some active stretching to flush out your legs and keep them from getting excessively sore later in the coming days. Check out this video and follow along: Finally, don’t be afraid to walk around a bit, even if it’s slow. Try to get the blood flowing through the day, your legs will thank you the next morning.

Now in longer term recovery, meaning the days following the race. Here are some things to focus on:

  1.      Fueling → Just because you’re not training for anything does not mean you should start to cut the calories. Your body is still working hard to recover not only from the race, but all the training leading up to it. Organika electrolytes + enhanced collagen is a great way to stay on top of regular fueling.
  2.      Down time →  Here is the thing, when we train we work towards a nice peak and then taper down to perform.  We cannot expect to always be at that peak fitness.  So it is important to come down from that fitness, now you will still get some benefit and start a little bit further ahead than you were the last season. So do not be afraid to take the time off, it is an important part of training. Aim for 10 to 14 days after a Marathon & 7 to 10 days for a Half.
  3.      Ease back into training → After your downtime, do two weeks (minimum) of easy runs only.  This is important physically but also mentally.  We cannot always be so focused towards a singular goal, so it is good to give yourself a mental break as well.  This is the time to run for fun and just enjoy the freedom of running when you want to, not because you have to.
  4.      Reflect → On the race and also the season as a whole. Be honest about your weaknesses and areas for improvement.  Make a plan to address one (or two) of them in the off season.

I promise that taking the time to recover appropriately will pay off in the long run (literally). Embrace the break and enjoy the recovery!


About Dr. Brittany Moran

Dr. Brittany Moran is a Toronto based chiropractor, run coach & runner.  She works at The Runner’s Academy as a chiropractor and is the founder and head coach of StrideWise Running. In her spare time, Brittany trains for marathons at a sub elite level with a personal best of 2:33.

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