Swansea/Bloor West/High Park – Friends of High Park Zoo (NCE 4)

Neighbourhood Charity: Friends of High Park Zoo (via Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation)

Councillor: Gord Perks


Friends of High Park Zoo (FHPZ) was formed in 2012 to ensure the Zoo remained open in the wake of City budget cuts. With the City restoring operating funding in 2014, FHPZ now looks to raise sustainable funding from individuals, corporations and local businesses to enhance and sustain the Zoo.

FHPZ has developed a multi-phased Master Plan for the Zoo, the first project of which is to rebuild the llama and capybara buildings to provide more indoor space for the animals. This project has successfully been funded, with construction starting in 2020, however we continue to raise funds for other significant capital projects including the resurfacing of Deer Pen Road and the installation of gardens and shade structures.

FHPZ is a registered not-for-profit corporation and accepts donations directly and through Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation, a registered charity. Please support us in making the planned improvements to High Park Zoo and ensure its continued importance in our community for years to come.


Location: Ellis & Lakeshore (Approx. km = 12.5k)
Cheer runners on: 9:15am - 11:30am