Liberty Village/King West – West Neighbourhood House (NCE 3)

Neighbourhood Charity: West Neighbourhood House

Features: Brazilian Samba dancers and drummers keep everyone energized at “Our House”!

Councillor: Joe Cressy

At West Neighbourhood House, we are committed to helping less advantaged individuals, families and groups in the community to gain greater control over their lives and within their community.

From settlement services for newcomers to day programs for seniors, from adult learning programs to after-school activities for kids, at West Neighbourhood House we provide services to strengthen and better our community.

To learn more about the House, please visit our website at or visit us on Facebook or Twitter

Our theme:

Join “Our House” – West Neighbourhood House’s Neighbourhood Challenge Cheering Stage team on Sunday, October 20th in celebration of our diverse west neighbourhoods! We live in a unique part of the city—our catchment area (about 15 square kms) has more people than most towns in Canada (about 110,000), which means a lot of diverse people working together to face challenges and build strong communities.

Our strength lies in our diversity and we are proud to be a part of so many vibrant west neighbourhoods!

We rely on generous donations to keep the House going strong and ask for your support. Support one of our Neighbourhood Challenge Champions that are going the distance for our communities!

Interested in adding your voice to “Our House’s” Neighbourhood Cheering Stage? Contact Lambrina at or call 416-848-7980 Ext. 302. We’d love to have your cheering power!



Location: Coronation Park - Lakeshore Blvd. and Princes’ Gates, (Approx. km = 7.5k and 17k)
Cheer runners on: 8:05am - 12:15pm