Carefirst Foundation

Carefirst Foundation is committed to fundraise for Carefirst Seniors & Community Services and other organizations with similar objects, to provide stable and quality community services to those in need. ‘You Make Caring Possible’ – your contributions will support Carefirst on the capital & services development of the Carefirst “One-stop Multi-services Centre” in Scarborough. This Centre of tomorrow combines community support and health care services under one roof for the easy access to service users.

Funds raised will support Carefirst to operate the Carefirst Mobile Health Unit which equipped with efficient mobile communications technology to support the provisions of health / community support services in the remote and underserved areas. The Mobile Health Unit provides a multitude of programming / services including Health Screening, Health Counselling (Social Work, dietetics, etc.), Physiotherapy Assessments, Foot Care, Information and Referral, in different neighborhoods. Join our team today and help us to raise fund to support the Carefirst Mobile Health Unit.

CHARITY CONTACT or (416) 502-2323 x6007