Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto

Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto (CCC) is a cultural hub serving the vibrant, diverse and multicultural GTA. Being Home for the West to meet the East and the Past to meet the Future, CCC has been committed to actively involving and sharing with all Canadians the uniqueness of Chinese culture. We have partnered with many major mainstream cultural institutions to promote Chinese arts and culture to our multicultural and inclusive community.

2018 marks the milestone 30th anniversary of Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto. For the past three decades, CCC has been promoting Chinese heritage and culture within the context of Canada’s multicultural society. Our work has brought joy, harmony and sense of belonging to many people who strive to build an inclusive and resilient community. We are planning to produce a memorabilia listing the significant events and contributions of CCC. Fundraisers and supporters with donations of $200 or more will be given a complimentary copy of the publication to be launched next year.


CHARITY CONTACT or (416) 292-9293 x224