Fight4Freedom exists to be an active voice and advocate of justice for individuals exploited by human trafficking in the form of sexual exploitation and to further assist them in finding necessary support systems that will aid in their journey to safety, healing, and moving forward.

In 2009, a young girl at the age of 17 shared with a camp counselor her struggles with night terrors and daily blackouts. Through trust and time, she disclosed in 2010 that she was being abused sexually by a student teacher from her elementary school since the age of 8. At the age of 11, she was forced to have sex with other men as her abuser collected the money. At the age of 19, our team was able to help her get set free from her experience of modern day slavery: Human Sex Trafficking. In January of 2012 a group began to form to pray and seek what they could do to make a difference. In summer 2012 the group grew largely in number and committed to weekly prayer meetings surrounding the issue of sex trafficking as well as meetings every two weeks to plan ways to give relief and support. The fall of 2012, the group started our street outreach work with sex workers hoping to identify women forced into sex trafficking. By the end of 2012 the team had worked directly or indirectly with over 10 survivors from various demographic and economic backgrounds. Fight4Freedom currently operates in different locations across Canada, with active teams going on outreach to strip clubs, massage parlours and on street visits.

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