Toronto Rape Crisis Centre

The Toronto Rape Crisis Centre is a 46 year young organization working towards a violence-free Toronto by providing anti-oppressive support to all survivors of sexual violence through counselling, community, education and activism. We are mandated to provide free and non-judgemental services to all survivors of sexual violence, their friends, families, and communities.

The Toronto Rape Crisis Centre is survivor led with 7 paid staff, and hundreds of volunteers. Your participation and fundraising will have a huge impact on the survivors and communities we work with. Donors who choose to run with us in 2020 will be sure to feel accomplished and proud! Not only for their athletic abilities, but also for ensuring our services remain available for anyone who needs them.

Our services include: 24 hr crisis line (416) 597-1171, individual & group counseling, accompaniments, public education and workshops and advocacy. For more information please email

All participants will be entered in to draws for exciting prizes.

CHARITY CONTACT or (416) 597-1171