Tzu Chi Foundation – Eastern Canada

Tzu Chi Foundation’s four core missions are Charity, Medicine, Education and Humanistic Culture. We focus on providing care and material aid to the needy, and aim to inspire compassion and benevolence in both contributors and beneficiaries. In addition to providing disaster relief in over 90 countries worldwide, our volunteers dedicate extensive efforts to environmental protection, starting in our daily lives with simple actions like reducing, reusing and recycling, and adhering to a vegetarian diet.

100% of your contributions are allocated to our charitable efforts. In 2018, Tzu Chi Foundation Canada’s activities included: serving 74,045 hot meals at 21 food banks and shelters; paying regular visits to 29 senior care centers in 15 cities; treating 1,316 patients at 185 free traditional Chinese medicine events; benefitting 4,135 recipients at 31 relief aid distributions; and many more. We invite you to join us as a volunteer and support us as a member. Contact us for our charity registration referral link before you register to run or walk with the Tzu Chi team to enjoy a discounted registration fee.